November 8, 2012

Christmas Gifts Ideas from Affiliate Junction Group

Hello friends and Zazzlers!
Another week, another list of selected products from Affiliate Junction Group. We have plates decorated with animal and Nature photos and collage creations, gift tags and stickers for Christmas gifts, Christmas Greeting Cards and Ornaments drawn by hand, Christmas Photo Sculptures made from acrylic, Wall clocks, an Iphone 5 case and more!
I'll update this list if members add more links to the Group's list! Meanwhile, enjoy!

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What Diane Clancy writes about this plate: 
Wonder for Each Day - this wonderful close-up of the Snowy Owl is a photograph taken in Massachusetts (US) by a lifetime birder. You can see this owl in his habitat checking out the world. Sometimes the Snowy Owl is called Arctic Owl or the Great White Owl. Uplift your day with this tempting vision. You may experience peace, serenity and healing as you look at my work. Bring this oasis into your home for yourself and to share with others - whether next to your computer on a mouse pad, mug, notebook, gift box, puzzle, plate, or a shirt, tote bag, iPad or iPhone cover, card or on your living room wall. 

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What Diane Clancy wrote about this product:
Title: Consciousness; Medium: Mixed Media Collage & Digital Collage Consciousness draws you in to contemplate life as it can be. One of the many bubbles in Consciousness contains the faces of two women. These golden faces touch each other and merge, much as we all do in the cosmic composition of the Universe. Their piercing eyes go to the depths of one’s soul. Blue, lemon and emerald scraps of fabric and paper create their hair. The double face comes from Anticipation, one of my fabric, paint and paper collages. Luscious bubbles of amber, orange, lime and golden yellow, float effortlessly over a magnificent amber, fern, spring green and jade ocean. The sky is creamy greens, pear and chartreuse with streaks of goldenrod and saffron. This wonderful goddess Bubblescape is quite a conversation piece. Great awareness is necessary as we dance our way through life, loving and supporting each other and the earth. Consciousness celebrates that realization. You may experience peace, serenity and healing as you look at my work. Bring this oasis into your home for yourself and to share with others. This imaginative vision can be yours - whether next to your computer on a mug, plate, as a shirt, tie, stamps, totes or tiles, computer mouse or on your living room wall. 

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Carolin Blom created this beautiful Greeting card and Ornament bellow:
Beautiful design in a shining gold color (please note no real gold was used!). The design shows a candle with flame, ribbons and bows and 2 christmas bells. All this in a amazing composition that seems to have movement to it. Just wonderful! 

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What Carolin Blom wrote about her Ornament:
Beautiful geometrical pattern with star shapes. The star pattern was hand drawn before digitalizing and coloring. It is possible to change the color of the white stars by clicking customize and edit and also background color. This fun pattern with stars in black and white with a sunny yellow pop of color can make a great gift for both men and women. 

What Tinker Place wrote about this product:
Whether on a desk, at the office or in the living room, photo sculptures bring your memories to life. Made of acrylic with a black stand, they are a great conversation piece. Final size is approximate and depends on cut-out size of image. 

Cute outfit! That’s what you’ll hear when you wear this longer-length mock-layered tee. Contrasting neck band, sleeves and hem make it look like you’re wearing two shirts. Made from pre-shrunk 3.2 oz 100% sheer cotton jersey.

What Julia Aguiar wrote about this product:
Ideal for kids this design features a lovely green bird wearing a Santa Claus hat and carries a mistletoe on its beak. Written "Merry Christmas" in fancy, colorful fonts. Light blue with white polka dots pattern on the background and lovely red plaid pattern on the side for a cozy winter effect! 

What Julia wrote about this product:
Fun design with a cute red owl wearing a hat and sitting on a branch of tree. Written "Merry Christmas". Customize it with your family name. 

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What Barb Radisavljevic wrote about this product:
When I saw these tree silhouettes backed by the red sky of the setting sun, they seemed to be dancing. You can customize all products in this series with your own choice of styles, colors (where applicable), designs and text. Use customize button to change the way print or design looks. Below that you can change the style, shape, or color of the item itself if it has different options .

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What Barb Radisavljevic wrote about this product:
 Periwinkle, Vinca Minor, on Roadside We saw this on a walk on York Mountain Road in Templeton, off Highway 46 West, on January 28. 

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What Barb Radisavljevic wrote about this product:
Small Bird in Bare Tree in Winter One thing about leafless trees in winter is that birds are easier to see an photograph clearly. I don't know the name of this bird. If you do, please let me know in the comments. If you want to add text, you can do it easily if you click on customize to open the editing window.

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