Blessing Bags for the Homeless - please, spread the word!

Photo of one of the bags ready to be delivered!

Today I learned that two young American teen children (13 and 16 years old) from Florida are working to help the homeless in their residence area with small gift bags filled with necessities they want to deliver the weekend before Christmas. Their mother is a fellow Zazzler. As I opened my Facebook today I was appalled by what I read. The kid's mother sent a message to a local online newspaper and asked if they'd be interested in running a story on her 2 boys. They need a little exposure to their cause, of course. The message must go out as far as possible. It's not just about asking for money. It's about putting together concrete actions to help people have a better Christmas.

The online newspaper guy just wasn't interested. First, because kids are just using Facebook and somehow Facebook must be an instrument of the devil, it seems the online newspaper guy disapproves of its use to do good. Then he considered that these kids aren't doing anything special. That's not a story, he wrote. They are just begging for money on Facebook. Ok, teens, please go to the streets and smash some windows, do some graffiti on city walls, step on the grass... or just get fat in front of TV and computer screens. Maybe then you can get Mr. Newspaper Man's attention.

Now, read this one, this is the story inside the story. If the boys could find some actual homeless people and then find homes or jobs for them then he would be interested in covering the story! What a bright man. I never thought that the solution for homeless and jobless people could be solved by teens! These are revolutionary ideas!! Someone must tell Obama about this social strategy!! I would be laughing now if I wasn't too shocked by the guy's lack of sensibility or humanity or whatever. Of course, he can do what he wants with his newspaper but I was a newspaperwoman myself once, so I can't understand his reasons completely. Was he high on drugs when he wrote that email? Why so rude to this mother and kids?

Maybe he was but I hope you are not when you read about Devon and Breydon's project. It's called Blessing Bags for the Homeless. How can you help? (Continue reading for contact details)

1. Send some goods;

2. Send a small donation;

3. Promote on Facebook, Blogs, and Twitter.

I sent a small donation.

This teen project is inspiring and should be cherished.

I challenge you not to be indifferent!


Our names are Devon and Breydon and we're brothers who are on a mission. Our mission is to deliver Blessing Bags to the homeless this holiday season. We are 13 and 16 years old and we want to make a difference in someone's life. Do you know what it feels like to live on the streets? Do you know what it feels like to go hungry? Do you know what it feels like to not have a blanket when you're cold? Do you know what it feels like to not have socks on your feet? Do you know what it feels like to never brush your teeth? Do you know what it feels like to not have a comb to brush your hair? Neither do we! We are blessed with these SIMPLE things every day. We are fortunate enough to have parents to help make these small things a part of our everyday living.
So we have decided to make blessing bags for the homeless full of things we take for granted. We will fill gallon-size Ziplock bags with things like soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, etc. These are small things we never think we'll go without and never give a second thought. We will be collecting a list of items to put in the Ziplock bags and BLANKETS. We will collect these items and deliver them to the homeless the weekend before Christmas. IF we get enough supplies to fill a LOT of bags, we may even be able to hand some out for Thanksgiving. If this does well, we will continue to collect these items and hand them out throughout the year.
Can YOU help? Can you buy a pack of 4 toothbrushes at the Dollar Store for $1 and donate them? Can you buy an 8-pack of crackers for $2 and donate them? That would help EIGHT bags for $2. Your donation would be greatly appreciated by us brothers and the homeless.
We have put together a list of things to include in the bags. If you'd rather donate a small amount of money and we do the shopping, that would be great too. ANY help from you will be put to great use. We thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you can help in any way.

Suggested Items:

Gallon size Ziplock Bags - Chap Stick - Toothbrushes - Toothpaste - Combs/Brushes - Soap (travel size is ok) - Bandaids - Hand Wipes - Mouthwash (travel size ok) - Deodorant (travel size ok) - Wash Rags - Gum - Trail Mix - Granola Bars - Crackers - Socks - Gloves - Hats - Non Perishable Snacks (fruit cups, apple sauce, etc) - Disposable spoons - $5 McDonalds Gift Certificates - BLANKETS!!

*TIP* Save those small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, soaps and lotions that you are given when you stay in a motel. Those come in handy!!
ANYTHING else you think can be beneficial.We will pick up the items you donate.
If you would like to send the items through the mail they can be sent to Devon and Breydon Roberts PO Box 1482Bronson, Florida 32621
PAYPAL donations can be sent to:
Thank you and God Bless!

FB Page:


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