November 8, 2012

Awesome Pillows, the new Laptop Bags, Iphone 5 Cases and more!

Hello again!

Since I started at Zazzle I allways felt that I was part of a community. Joining this Group on Facebook provided me a new way of experience what that means. Every week I get new products to share from the Group. And I provide some of my own so the Group can promote it also. Yesterday I showed products from the Christmas/Holiday list. These new products are from another list - everyweek I'll be doing the same. It's easy and fun! I am also enjoying the contact with these new Zazzlers.

I still am fascinated by the PILLOWS! Touchably soft and always cool on the other side, Zazzle custom pillows are made of 100% grade A woven cotton that’s as durable as it is cuddlable. All pillow covers are 100% machine washable.

For now I am showing you four beautiful PILLOWS from Diane Clancy, Zandiepants and Julia Aguiar. Maybe more members add new ones.

There's also one of the new Zazzle Laptop bags!It's a customizable Rickshaw Commuter 2.0 laptop bag. Made to be ultra-durable and with space for everything, you can take a 15" laptop, iPad, iPhone, notebook, and so much more in this bag and still have room for your after-work gym clothes.

I hope you like this week´s Affiliate Junction Group Promotion!

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