Cristiano Ronaldo is cover of spanish GQ magazine

Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous world soccer player and he is Portuguese as many of you know. Usually, I don't write about football. This time I will not do it either! But a friend just sent me this photo and caption to tease me! I am always saying how good Ronaldo looks in photos as a model. She disagrees. Once more I have to say that in my humble opinion he looks great and I also like the clothes he's wearing. I like the color red and the mix between serious and sportswear. In fact, I don't know why men can't wear more happy colors. It's just a question of fashion and culture. In Africa men and women of all ages dress in colorful clothes and I like that!

He's the cover of the spanish magazine GQ for March and inside there's an interview where he says: Criticism is part of our business, we have to live with it. What hurts me the most is criticism for issues outside the pitch. I do not mind when it comes to my game, because again, I am the first to realize when I shake. " That was well put. People dislike the kid for so long and for many reasons even if he's doing great things. Nobody's perfect. He's doing what he does best, playing, and winning. He's giving money to several causes. He helps his family. But still, he gets lots of criticism for lots of reasons. Perhaps that comes with the fact of being just another public figure or because people are a little jealous of his looks, the women, the money, and the fame. He's kind of a silly guy, I agree, but I stopped judging him for what he does outside the football stadium a long time ago...Who cares? Just play that ball, Ronaldo!