Today it's my birthday!

Yeah! Today it's my birthday and I had this silly idea of looking for famous people that are having a birthday celebration today also. I have a friend that is also having his birthday today. Yesterday I sent him some old-fashioned snail mail. I hope that someone remembers to send me some postcards too! I really like it! I just found some folks from the movie and TV universe. Two are already dead! So I guess the party will be complete with just this (famous) person and Michael!

The first famous person I found is Michael C. Hall who was born in 1971. He's a TV actor. He had a role at the TV show Six Feet Under, which I liked. But where I think that he's really excellent is as the serial killer and police blood analyst Dexter. Dexter is one of my favorite TV shows. I get bored easily with TV series. But so far Dexter has been keeping me wanting for more! Michael C. Hall won a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for his role as Dexter. I can't agree more with those decisions. But the show itself is just wonderful. I started watching with many issues being the central character a serial killer. I ended up a real fan, in a good sense as I am not much into fan behavior. That said I watched all the seasons and I am waiting for the next one!

Found another actor that was born on 1st February 1901. He's already dead. He had the leading man role as Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. His last movie was The Misfits. I liked The Misfits. Of, you've guessed already - it's Clark Gable. I never enjoyed his presence on the screen and he was the leading role in so many movies - It happened one night, Mutiny on the Bounty, Mogambo! I saw Mogambo when I was very young (in my teens) and found it rather exotic. Ava Gardner was incredible and Grace Kelly was very pretty...but I had to watch Gable doing his thing too, damn!

And found a director of classic westerns and war stories movies that was born on February 1st, his name was John Ford. He's also dead, of course. I watched maybe all of his movies - How Green was my Valley, The man who shot Liberty Valance, The grapes of wrath, and many others, The quiet man...