Featured product on Zazzle - A big heart!

Hello Zazzlers and friends! I think Zazzle gave me a birthday gift! This magnet is one of the 6 Valentine's Day featured magnets! Hurray! I think this is the first time for me. I really don't know if it has happened before because I don't check Zazzle that much.
There are so many cute Valentine's Day magnets on display. It's difficult to pick one, really. This magnet - A big heart photo magnet - is for a Valentine's Day celebration or any other day you'll feel like celebrating love with a partner or family any time of the year. A daughter can give it to Mom on Mother's Day too. It's quite simple. But not so simple - the hearts around the big heart where you can upload your photo are made from tiny white hearts. So, lots of L-O-V-E to give! Thank you, Zazzle for picking this magnet! (This product is not available anymore.)


  1. Hello Belinha - thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and for your wonderful compliments left on my blog. Your work is truly wonderful. I'm so glad we connected. My heart goes out to ya with all the struggles happening in Europe presently as I have family that still lives who informs me of the many constant changes & downfall of economy. May you find the strength to continue your wonderful artistic journey and I wish you ton of success. Big Hugs xoxo


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