#5 Zazzle Stores: Mariana Ewa's Zazzle Store

Hello readers and friends! Today's Sunday and it's pretty cold for my liking. Mariana Ewa would laugh about it because yesterday she was facing -21º celsius outside her house. For me, anything below 10º is very cold! No kidding, nights here are terrible, terrible meaning -1º to -3º. I live by the sea where everything is warmer and my body really doesn't react well to low temperatures. My body and mind. I get restless, I can't think straight, and I feel sick. I long for 20º up so I can go to the beach and be happy! Brrrr!

Mariana Ewa was born in Sweden. She has a daughter called Emmy and lives on a farm with her boyfriend. She's fortunate to have horses and cats around, I would like that for me too. She suffered an accident and as a result of it, she's disabled. I'm sorry to read about that. She gave me some advice on the MAC computer. I am more convinced than ever that's what I need. But for now, I just have half the money for it. Zazzle keeps launching new products and I can't create any because my old PC isn't exporting big files anymore. I must be patient and wait a little longer. Mariana creates on her computer and also paints for family and friends.

Mariana Ewa has a great Zazzle store. Click on the flash panel and take a look around. I like what she does with national flags. Some countries have flags with little design appeal. Mariana found a way to deal with that. She plays with the design and offers you a great final product. I also find her use of fractals interesting. But the store has much more. She wrote: "Here you can find beautiful products for the wedding, for the birthday, for all the holidays. Products like business cards, posters, cards, shoes, invitations, and much more."

One thing that really stroke me is the way she presents her Zazzle products. Just look at the example above. She placed her new Valentine's products on a table. I found this awesome. Then I found more great product presentations on her Facebook page. You should visit and learn from her. Get inspired and find new ways of showing your stuff! I am convinced that posting a link with the product isn't enough anymore. You have to stand out from the crowd. We have to reach the client using other more appealing strategies. Of course, not everyone can do it. You need to master graphic software .*But, let me tell you one thing - if you want really hard you can learn it. I did. Till 2004 I knew nothing about graphics computer software. Today I use Corel Draw, Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop, and more. If you don't have the time or the interest in it or feel you'll never learn, you can ask someone to create the banners for you. There's always a way. Thank you Mariana Ewa for your inspiration! I hope you like this postage!

* But you can explore online tools like Photofunia! Check my previous posts here and here on it to see what I mean!


  1. Belinha, You're so wonderful to help other Zazzlers to promote their creations... I love it when I see things like this because it gives me hope that amazing people do exist and are willing to continue helping others. You inspire me just by being so generous & creative. I will absolutely visit her zazzle store and let her know how I found her, through you. Keep doing the things that make you happy, it's so wonderful. I'm so glad our paths have crossed. Much love, Janette

  2. Hi Janette! You know there's something in it for me too if you go to Ewa's store store and buy one of her pieces. I don't do this for the referrals. If I did I had already stopped as I got only one since I started the blog!Some Zazzle don't like that we promote and earn. That's silly, but ok, we must respect it. Anyway, I learn a lot by looking into the other stores and products. I like to highlight products I like. I do the same in other places like Pinterst or WeHeartIt were I pick and save things I like.Yes, this will give some exposure to Ewa and the others but it helps me too in many ways!Plus, I like blogging!I just wish my english was better!

  3. Its an honour to be on your site Belinha and Im very grateful for it too.
    I couldn´t anything about computer either before 2004 but after that I love playing around on my Mac :)

  4. Aí nem me fala em frio...não vejo a hora desse inverno ir embora.
    Sobre o filme do Almodavar, acho que vale a pena ir ver, é forte. Boa semana!


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