Win FOTOLIA coupon code and try the power of stock images!

First, let’s learn about FOTOLIA and what it can do for you.

1. What’s Fotolia?

It’s the first worldwide social marketplace for royalty-free stock images, allowing individuals and professionals to legally buy and share stock images and illustrations. In fact, it’s the largest image bank of free and most affordable royalty-free photos and illustrations perfect for any medium, web or print.

2. What are Fotolia’s advantages?

- Time is money! Fotolia’s services will save you time, as you are much more likely to find what you need quickly. Plus you don’t get poor search functionality on Fotolia. If you look for baby photos you can be sure you’ll get baby photos and not puppy photos. When you look for a photo and can’t get it fast enough you’ll be stressed. Fotolia will help eliminate this kind of stress so you can dedicate your strength to create just brilliant work!

- Many times I used free photo sites. I had to read about every photo I used! Sometimes I had to contact the photo’s owner and wait a long time for an answer. Some photos had no restrictions, some were for non-commercial use and some required the name of the photographer attached to the work I created. Fotolia has a clear licensing agreement – a standard royalty-free license for every photo you want. And more: what if you want to use a photo of a person? You must have a signed release and that’s guaranteed with a paid service. So, choose Fotolia, it's much easier this way.

- You can buy vector art on Fotolia. If you know about vectors you know that it takes some time to create a good one. Illustrated graphics can give a unique look and feel to a work but sometimes you don’t have the time to create one. Or maybe you aren’t too comfortable with how to use Illustrator or Corel or Freehand. Fotolia is here for you with a wide variety of vector art.

- Fotolia's site is so well organized and easy to use you’ll be amazed. Preview works fast and has a good size so you can fully appreciate the art or photo you want and make a good choice.

- Forget the idea that Art is easy to create and a glamorous and fun activity. Artists do work very hard to obtain good results and should be paid for their effort. So when you choose Fotolia you’re helping photographers and illustrators to live a decent life. They deserve it, don’t they?!

- Many people don’t know enough about intellectual property rights. I had my vectors stolen a couple of times myself. They were available on the internet and people used them. I contacted the person and she thought it was ok to do that because they were available on the internet. But some other times people also grab images because they refuse to pay exaggerated prices for them. Fighting the illegal use of protected images can be done if they are offered at a good price. Fotolia offers you a good price. Thanks to a collaborative online model, Fotolia is able to offer individuals and professionals (advertising agencies, press, small businesses, graphic artists, and designers) the greatest image collection in the world for as little as $0.75.

3. What can Fotolia do for you?

All images offered on Fotolia are royalty-free, they can be used for all kinds of professional documents with no limit on time or copies: the creation of advertising media, creation of professional documents, illustration of press articles, illustration of websites, blogs, newsletters, web banners, illustration multimedia documents, illustration/decorations on TV shows or movies and creation of derivative products (just for Extended license purchases.) Try Fotolia, explore it, and learn all the advantages firsthand. For everything you want to know about Fotolia, please go to Fotolia's FAQ.

I am sure you would like to try FOTOLIA and there’s a chance you can. How? Entering A Portuguese Love giveaway sponsored by FOTOLIA, my favorite social marketplace for royalty-free stock images. Follow these steps and you might!

1. The Coupon: win a FOTOLIA subscription for two weeks allowing you 3 downloads per day. Please read: you don’t have the right to resell the images in print on demand products such as (posters, t-shirts, mugs, templates and so) but the images can be used in blog posts when are writing articles and need to color them up with images, or if you’re are creating marketing materials for your company like brochures or newsletters as long as you are not selling these. Read in detail here.

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