In less than 1 hour it will be Drawing Day!

June 4, 2011. Drawing Day will be held on the first Saturday of June each year. Due to the various time zone differences across the world, many events start Friday and are open all weekend.

To join in on this event is simple - as simple as picking up a pencil (or mouse) and drawing. However, the most important part is sharing your art with the world. You do not need to be at a physical event to participate. Draw wherever you like on paper, or on your computer. We just ask that you then scan or take your digital drawing and share it with the world.

Using one or all of these options:

- Upload digital or scanned images of your drawings to the Drawing Day website

- Upload to any of our participating online art communities

- Upload to our Facebook page (this is where all artists are encouraged to post drawings on Facebook)

- Draw online using our free online drawing tool to submit drawings

Whether you're a professional illustrator or you just enjoy the occasional scribble, you can give back to the illustration community by drawing on this day. By injecting more and more illustration and art into our community, we are not only showing our appreciation to our fellow artists, but we are spreading awareness of the joy of drawing. It is important that you contribute - Drawing Day will only be a success if we all participate and make some noise. So, please tell your friends and spread the word.

All about Drawing Day here