A mug of hot chocolate and spice for Halloween?

Here in Portugal, we don´t celebrate Halloween. Mmmmm. Not totally true...a lot of acculturation has taken place. But kids do not do the trick-or-treat thing door-to-door yet. I like the spirit of Halloween! Pumpkins rule!  I am so fond of pumpkins. I do not know what´s Halloween traditional beverage. But I would like to fill this mug with hot chocolate. I found an interesting recipe at The steaming cup!

"The Aztecs were the first to serve chocolate as a drink, but they also mixed it with hot chili pepper to make a really special beverage. Try something exotic with your hot chocolate today. You can always reduce the amount of chili if it's too hot for you." 

Pumpking Head Kid goes Trick or Treating Coffee Mug


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