My store is one week!

It has been a week since I opened the store. It’s too soon to have an opinion on how it will perform but I have a good feeling about it. I discovered lots of excellent stores, and great artists are selling great stuff on Zazzle. It’s a market like any other.

I had two surprises from two Zazzlers, one posted one of my designs (Party Flu!!!) on the front page of the store, and the other made a public show of her gratitude on her blog just because I dropped by her Wall page to leave some words. Both reactions are fantastic proof of generosity. We Zazzlers need publicity and so I am happy and thrilled with what these two absolute strangers did.

Moonman’s store theme is all things space. It's called 3DMoonman store. It was fun to visit his (or her) planet on Zazzle as I am such a sci-fi fan. I’ve seen all movies, and all TV series and read all possible comics about the conquest of space, alien life, life on the moon, everything! It’s fascinating. 

As for K’s – I call her K- I found her blog by pure accident and read about her Zazzle experience. She sounded a bit disenchanted and so I decided to visit her store and leave her some words of incentive. Her store is named K-Rich's place. It has been only a week but I have already understood that is harder to promote the store than to create products! If we are new to it we must be persistent and keep working. And that’s all I said. So imagine my surprise when I saw her blog post and her Squid Lenz. No need for that at all. I was moved and I really hope she can find time to make more drawings and get new stuff in the store. She is a mother of three children so probably she doesn't have much free time. As for me, I do not have children of my own...maybe that's one reason why I create designs for all the children!

(Please tell me if you find English mistakes. This is not my mother tongue!)