April 25th Military vehicle camouflage pattern button


Military vehicle camouflage pattern button
A bloodless military coup occurred on 25th April 1974 in Portugal which ended the repressive and dictatorial leadership of the country. The Carnation Revolution was the last great popular uprising in Western European history. The longest dictatorship in Europe, the Estado Novo, had prevailed for almost 50 years - The old regime, or Estado Novo, was founded in 1933. Just past midnight tanks moved into Lisbon and took control of television, radio centers, and the airport. Troops armed with machine guns stormed the barracks where the Prime Minister and two of his ministers had taken refuge. Spontaneous demonstrations filled the streets. Thousands of civilians mingled with the soldiers, the newly formed MFA - Movement of Armed Forces - despite orders to stay inside.They shouted O Povo unido, jamais sera vencido! This means The united people will never be defeated. General Antonio de Spinola received the surrender of prime minister Marcelo Caetano. Caetano spent the rest of his life in exile in Brazil. This revolution brought Democracy to Portugal. This design is a pattern composed of military vehicles in camouflage traditional colors. It's an homage to those who made the Carnation Revolution possible – the Portuguese military troops. April 25 or Freedom Day is now celebrated as a national holiday in Portugal. If you have a friend, co-worker, teacher, or a relative of Portuguese nationality, they will undoubtedly appreciate this design because everyone knows that this 25 April day means liberty.


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