Quinta da Pacheca Wine Barrels you san sleep in

Can you imagine yourself waking up in the middle of a vineyard, and experiencing the rurality of one of the most famous wine regions in the world? These wine barrels at Quinta da Pacheca have a bold architectural project and it's an offer of the Wine House hotel.  You can take a winery tour here, enjoy a wine-tasting session paired with cheese and jam, have a picnic in the vineyards, or maybe have a wine course.

In an idyllic and romantic setting, Wine Barrels will provide you a unique experience of contact with nature and the monumental reality of the Douro Wine Region. It's a perfect spot for a good rest await in the environment of rurality. Lamego is situated in the center of the Douro region and is surrounded by extensive private grounds with vineyards. It's somehow a quirky accommodation option for all the wine lovers out there. The accommodation blends modern design with a historic setting.