Meet Fudge, my new partner in business!

This is a "Thank you" postage! I want to thank Sue and Fudge. Fudge is a Portuguese Water Dog and Sue owns him. They live in Missouri state. You can meet Fudge and read about his adventures at his blog called The Portuguese Water Blog. He's not alone in the house as he has more than 7 companions of his breed to play with. There's a great photo of them right at the blog's heather.

I've been updating some sections of my store since Zazzle launched its new tagging policy. It has been a boring task and I really don't know if there will be positive results for products searching out of it. But now it's almost done. Fortunately, I don't have a big store. Even so, I had to re-tag a lot, and meanwhile, I decided to update old products that I think to have some selling potential and even create some new ones.

I wanted a Portuguese Water Dog photo so I could create some more products that buyers could customize by uploading their own dog's photo in it. I live in Portugal but I don't know anyone who owns one of these dogs. And I just don't steal photos from the internet. I don't subscribe to that. So I Googled and Fudge's blog showed up. I wrote a comment there asking for help and soon after I got Fudge's photo in my email box. I think Fudge it's perfect. He's beautiful and looks curious. Fudge looks like he's preparing to bark! I'm so fond of animals and due to my current lifestyle, I can't have one. I call it lifestyle but in fact, it hasn't much style. I can't find a steady job and I just don't know where I'll be the next day. So I can't take the responsibility of raising an animal. Animals also need security. So I help animals that need help, stray cats and dogs, and people that hold shelters for them. And I do pet sitting for my sister's shar-pei dog. I think that every family should have an animal in the house so children can grow up admiring and respecting animals. Most people live an entire life and the only animals they get to watch are sparrows or pigeons... In a certain way, I envy my grandmother's life. She had a tough life because she worked in the fields for many years. But she had a natural understanding of the true meaning of life and nature and need no campaigns to understand animals' rights.

To know more about the Portuguese Water Dog, read this short text and follow the links.


  1. What a fine model for all things Portugese! That Fudge is a handsome guy!


  2. How cool is that? We know Fudge and the rest of his pack - great family!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


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