Helping African children - Faces of Africa Exhibition, Ireland

Hello! It has been a while since my last post. I have been dealing with some situations that have kept me away from the internet and creative work too!

Today I want to share with you something a bit different. See, I like to work with real ink too. A Portuguese Love blog is full of vectorial drawings but today I posted two canvases I created with collage and ink. To work with collage, well, it takes more patience and time than to work with Illustrator or Freehand. It's messier as I always get a lot of cut paper on the floor and I have to deal with glue and varnish. But it's a lot of fun too. Plus you get very original work.

I am donating these two canvas collages to an exhibition that will take place in Ireland next November. I met this Irish painter Rosetta Jallow online a few months ago and she was organizing it. It's called Faces of Africa. All the money from Faces of Africa Exhibit sales will go to several African charities. I would like to invite you to read the post I wrote about it on my other blog called Papelustro. If you're a plastic artist and have some free time and will to help, please consider sending something to Ireland. I know that we have desperate situations just a few miles from our country too, maybe in our city, maybe even next door. But African children have to endure so much hardship that I think we all should consider doing something to help at least once in our lives. You know and I know that our help it's just a drop in the ocean. But an ocean is made of drops, many drops. So do little, but do something. There are lots of charities you can donate to and help. If you prefer to do a Google search and pick another initiative, but choose to do something. I liked the Faces of Africa Exhibition because Rosetta is just a woman like you and me and she is rocking all thing through. I could do that in my city, you could do it in your city too. But we don't. We just sit in front of our PC and read terrible news about Africa and feel sorry for it. So I decided to join her effort and hope you join it too!

"Have you ever held a dying baby in your arms? Have you ever seen a mother in tears because she cannot look after her children? Have you ever seen a person so deformed that you cannot bear to look into their eyes? Have you ever watched a small child playing and know that the only thing her parents left her was the AIDS virus? Have you ever watched as people beg for the very things that we throw out? Have you ever been moved by the fact that 19000 children die each day in Africa? Have you ever thought ‘that’s awful! Somebody should do something? Have you ever realized that someone could be you? Have you ever cared enough to make a difference?"


You can read more about Rosetta Jallow's Faces of Africa Exhibit on this link.