It's Hedgehog Day on my blog!

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Do you know that long before the advent of Groundhog Day on February 2nd, the Romans observed a similar event thousands of years ago on the exact same day and used the hedgehog as the prognosticator of spring? Last year I fell in love with these little animals - I wish I had an ever-smiling expression myself! - and have been reading a lot about them.

If you are curious about it you can head to the Hedgehog Central where you’ll find all the information you need. If not, you can browse my selection of hedgehog Zazzle products and be inspired by these photos, drawings, and paintings to celebrate hedgehog loveliness your way because...every day can be Hedgehog’s Day! Many of these make lovely gifts for kids and adults. I must warn you - it will be difficult to pick just one!

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Hedgehog Garden All-Over Print T-shirt
Hedgehog Garden All-Over Print T-shirt by goldersbug
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hedgehog spiral note books
hedgehog spiral notebooks by bunnynoir
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Hedgehog Day February 2 Postcard
Hedgehog Day February 2 Postcard by Everydays_A_Holiday
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Hedgehogs on the beach poster
Hedgehogs on the beach poster by Yulia_Brodskaya
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Hedgehog Pillow
Hedgehog Pillow by iamkaylabayla
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Cup of Cute Mousepad mousepad

Spring Hedgehog Mousepad mousepad

Animal picture - Catnap of hedgehog print

Rose Binder binder

Hedgehog Mousepad mousepad
Hedgehog Mousepad by RossHeywood
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Dollop of Daisy postcard

Christmas hedgehogs greeting card
Christmas hedgehogs greeting card by Mangulica
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Hedgehog Dinner Plate
Hedgehog Dinner Plate by RosiLorz
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Garden Hedgehog Pillow
Garden Hedgehog Pillow by goldersbug
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Hedgehog Watch (Clear Band)
Hedgehog Watch (Clear Band) by goldersbug
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Cute Hedgie with Gift - Favor Boxes
Cute Hedgie with Gift - Favor Boxes by creativetaylor
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Chekhov hedgehog t-shirt
Chekhov hedgehog t-shirt by masha_yozhina
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  1. Hi again Belinha. Thank you so very much for putting my Hazel mousepad on your site. All the very best to you. Ross

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Daisy Mae " Cup of Cute" !!! Leena

  3. Thank you for leaving comments! It is my pleasure to feature your lovely products!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of cuteness! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful finds - it gave me my smile for the day. :)

  5. thank you for the feature on my hedgehog bag <3 I'm honoured!
    and such a beautiful selection! Thank you.


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