Oldest cinema director in the world turns 101 today

Since 2001 Manoel de Oliveira is the oldest cinema director in the world still in business. He was born in Oporto on 11 December 1908. He was a member of the jury at the Venice Film Festival in 1981. In 1942 he made a movie about children that lived in Oporto's Ribeira near the Douro river. It's called Aniki-Bobó. I enjoyed it when I first saw it many years ago and I still do. A poetic tale and a simple story shot in black and white in beautiful Oporto city. Watch the footage below. It has no captions but you can easily follow what's happening with Carlitos and it's cute. He has filmed a lot but his cinema isn't that much appreciated in Portugal. He seems to be more popular in other European countries like France. Some say it's too personal...others say it's too slow and too boring. Others say it's too artistic! I enjoy some of his movies but not all of them. What I find really amazing in Manoel de Oliveira is his longevity. He's quite active and everyone who thinks that old people should retire and stay home should learn from that. And he must be as happy as anyone can be as he lived and lives for his lifetime passion: cinema. Happy birthday Mr.Oliveira!