THE ADVENT CALENDAR 2022 by TOONPOOL artists has been a meeting place for cartoon art for 15 years now. It was on the evening of November 15, 2007, when Toonpool was born and went live with its first images on the Internet. Toonpool celebrates its 15th birthday! Congrats!

Presented artists (Advent Calendar 2022):

Jan Rieckhoff
Gerd Bauer
Bernd Pohlenz
Tomasz Woloszyn
Ernst Mattiello
Mark Lynch
Hilary Allison
Frits Ahlefeldt
Junior Lopes
Dave Brasfield
Rex May
Stephan Kolmer/Jupp
Medi Belortaja
Joruju Piroshiki
Gerd Bauer
Robin Ator
Bernd Pohlenz
Franco Portinari
Tjeerd Royaards
Menekşe Çam
Lillian Mousli
Phill Judd
Ronald Slabbers
Mehmet Karaman
Menekşe Çam
Paolo Lombardi
Ingmar Decker
Lo Graf von Blickensdorf
Markus Grolik
Carolyn Hiler
Thomas Baehr


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