Fishermen dead in trawler tragedy

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Today I am not happy. This fishing trawler named Olívia Ribau has more than 20 meters. Watch the video as she sails gently into the harbor followed by hundreds of os seagulls. It's wonderful to watch these fishing boat arrivals and I have witnessed it many times. As you may remember I live in Figueira da Foz. We have a few great beaches and sardines from these waters are considered very tasty. Unfortunately, this city harbors his famous for its difficulty, and for the last few days, the sea was agitated not making it easy to go up the river. Olivia Ribau sank at the entrance of Figueira da Foz's port on Tuesday at the end of the day. Two men were saved, one didn't make it alive even if he survived to hold to the hull of the boat for some time. Two bodies were found today trapped inside the boat and two are still missing. I love the sea, as you may know. This tragedy happened so close to the shore that several people watched it happening, called for help, and took photos, like photographer Paulo Octávio. It's not the first time it happens. As I said it's a dangerous entry. But the port wasn't closed to navigation. I am deeply sad about the fate of these men. They were so close to home, this was a true tragedy. I hardly can imagine how relatives must be feeling right now. And one of the men who survived is returning to the sea already because he needs to work, of course. How will he cope with such a terrible thing? He had to leave the sinking boat to watch a fellow fisherman on the hull. So sad. Fishermen should get more support, that's what I think. Someone must do something. Every year people die in these waters. So close to the shore. I don't understand...I am so disturbed about all this that I can't even think straight.

Source photo: Paulo Octávio