A few timeless Love stories

Hello friends and Zazzlers!

It's almost that time of the year. No. Not Christmas. Well, it's almost that special holiday of the year! One that many can't stand! One that many love. Yes, it's Valentine's Day. Yet most people like love stories. Love is always a success. Hearts melt reading about love stories - Frida and Diego Rivera's for example. Or one of the poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett. These two started writing letters to each other and ended up married!

I loved Marie and Pierre Curie's love story for a long time. I read their story when I was very young and I imagined a couple living and working together with great success in a lab surrounded by mystery. It seemed so modern and so adventurous! They shared Nobel prizes but unfortunately, their love for the wonders of science would lead to their deaths as they were not aware of radiation exposure dangers. I am also quite fond of Saramago and Pilar's love story.

Then there is also John Lennon and Yoko Ono's love story. After getting married the two stayed in their bedroom in Amsterdam for an all week and did not leave their pajamas! They even met with the press in their white pajamas! One of the most famous couples in Hollywood was Lauren Bacal and Humphrey Bogart. Their love disregards physical age, they called each other Bogie and Baby. Humphrey, aged 46, and Lauren, aged 20, were married after they first got divorced.

Another love story, Ann Druyan, and Carl Sagan, the two scientists fell in love while putting together the Voyager Interstellar Message Project. This was a registration of sounds of human hearts beating, laughs and kisses, and music. They got married the day after it went out into space. I bet you would like to know more love stories! What did I tell you? Love is a big hit! If you have one story you like, please leave it in the comments space below! Share the love!