No Boring White - I invite you to visit my new Zazzle Store

Hello friends and Zazzlers!

At last, I managed to open a new store at Zazzle. It's called No Boring White. My idea is to split my graphic creations between two stores. A Portuguese Love will be just for Portuguese theme-related products. No Boring White will be for everything else. And of course, there's Papelustro but that store is more or less on hold.

I have also a new blog that goes by the name of No Boring White too, what else?! I have already some posts there. There's also a new Twitter account and a Facebook Page. You're welcome to follow any of it!

Follow my blog--- No Boring White

Follow me on Twitter --- No Boring White

Follow me on Facebook --- No Boring White (I need at least 30 Likes to have access to Insights! Please Like my Page. Soon I'll be adding content!)

And that's it for the big news. For now, the store has only Halloween Products. I know that Halloween is upon us and that many of you are promoting Halloween goodies as I write. So go there and have a look! You might like some! See you there!