The Dark Knight Rises posters!

The Dark Knight opened four years ago in 2008 and Christopher Nolan led the movie to transcend the comic book movie genre like I've never seen. He created a sophisticated, morally complex, and intelligent movie. It was really awesome. Tomorrow The Dark Knight Rises in Portuguese theaters. Posters are advertising it everywhere on the streets. I want to watch it, of course. Possibly this is summer’s most grandiose superhero movie. I like superhero movies, yes. So what? I also like Fellini's movies, Bergman's and animation movies, and a lot more.

There are a lot of superhero movies filling the summer market, I think it's a trend and it will fade. I've watched comic book adaptations since I remember and it took a while before some great movies were made. I enjoyed Iron Man and Thor very much. I think that anything that can stimulate a return to the cinema is a good thing, no matter what the genre. I have big expectations - like most fans must have - for Nolan’s last Dark Knight narrative. Besides that, there are great stars in addition to Bale and Hathaway, like Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, and Matthew Modine. Will the Dark Knight rises to the occasion again? I really hope so!

Meanwhile, I checked Zazzle for The Dark Knight Rises merchandise. I must say I love this kind of posters are real art!

This post was refreshed in 2015
If you don't like posters very much there's always something out there to please you! I do like the binders! The new products celebrating 75 years of Batman are also cool. Have a look!
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