Portuguese Sagres Tall Ship photos!

As I told you previously I went to visit NRP Sagres on the weekend. I had great expectations about this ship and they were totally fulfilled. I visited Sagres during the night with my sister and nephew and then in the morning, just by myself. It's amazing to watch the ship with all 6000 lights up - it takes 2 hours and a half to put all the cables and lights one by one! But by night there were too many visitors for my taste. The next morning I returned and then I was able to watch every detail of the ship the way I wanted and even asked the crew all sorts of questions.

Sagres has sailed across the world and will continue to do it. If you have the chance to visit it, don't miss the opportunity. It's a beautiful ship. I also watched her going up the river and then going away to the sea in her return to Lisbon. It was quite a show. Usually, Figueira da Foz is very windy but on Sunday morning there was no wind at all, and when she left neither! So I did not have the chance to watch Sagres with all the sails on. But nevertheless, it was pretty exciting! Watch my Sagres photos on Facebook! I hope you like it!

A video about Sagres, here!