Military vehicle symbol of 25 April Revolution T-Shirt


Military vehicle symbol of 25 April Revolution T-Shirt
April 25 is now celebrated as a national Portuguese holiday. It marks a bloodless military coup that was supported by the civilian population. It allowed democracy and civil liberties to the Portuguese people after almost five decades of dictatorship (1937-1974). The Carnation Revolution ended the Estado Novo regime, the longest dictatorship in Europe, changing the Portuguese political system from an authoritarian dictatorship to a democracy. If you take a look at the 25 April Revolution footage and photos you’ll see these vehicles on the streets of Lisbon with soldiers on top and then civilians. A “chaimite” is a light armored personnel carrier vehicle. It was the first military vehicle produced in Portugal and performed during the Portuguese Colonial War. This Portuguese-designed combat vehicle was the first one produced in Portugal for the Portuguese armed forces in 1966. Captain Salgueiro Maia left Santarém in a chaimite for Lisbon, where he took over the ministries of Terreiro do Paço and the headquarters of the National Republican Guard, in Carmo. The «Bula» vehicle, in an operation also led by Salgueiro Maia, transported President Marcello Caetano, from the Carmo Barracks, where he surrendered to the Movement of Captains, before leaving for exile - a surrender that marked the fall of the Estado Novo. This military vehicle is a symbol of the Carnation Revolution. If you have a friend, co-worker, teacher, or a relative of Portuguese nationality, they will undoubtedly appreciate this illustration because everyone knows that a chaimite in Portugal stands for liberty.


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