September 17, 2011

Popular ice cream brands in Portugal

  OMG, I can't belive that next week summer will end and that I just bought myself a new bikini...!Last week I got lucky enough to watch the marés vivas  - some photos here - at the beach for the first time. Huge waves, quite a show. Ice cream is something we associate to summer. I want to tell you about portuguese ice creams. It will be a sweet post! 
I am not sure but I think this video is a collage of Olá Ice cream comercials. They still use the old logo.  Olá is the most popular ice cream brand in Portugal. Olá began to  manufacture ice cream in 1959.  Portuguese do not eat a lot of ice cream. In Europe my country is second with lower consumption. Finland consumes lots of ice cream as a dessert especially and it's at the topo of the list. The country that consumes more ice cream in the world is the USA. You can find it everywhere.

But beyond this brand there are several smaller brands that have great quality and that built quite a reputation. If you visit Portugal you must try  Santini ice creams  - il gelati piú fino del mondo - and Gelvi. You can find Santini ice cream in Lisbon, Cascais and Estoril. If you're in Algarve the place you must visit is Olhão.

(The beginning...)
(Santini 60º Aniversary)

Gelvi is a regional business that has passed down from generation to generation. I know that may of you might consider to visit Algarve. It's there you will find the factory and place to try Gelvi ice creams at the Olhão "Mercado” building opposite to Ria Formosa. Gelvi ice creams use Algarve regional fruit like oranges, lemons, blackberries, strawberries and almonds. Recipes are updated to please more demanding customers but the fabrication process remains faithful to its origins.They created an ice cream with the flavour of the traditional Algarve sweet, Dom Rodrigo.
And now I think I'll go out and buy me an ice cream! Or two! (Before summer ends.)

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