Moving to another city soon!

It has been a while since my last blog update. In fact, it has been a while now since I updated my Zazzle store. I made several products for the Christmas season and New Year and then I took a little break to re-think the store and my new year's direction. Time went by quickly as several projects needed my full attention. So the store remained abandoned and all my new ideas were in the drawer! Then I got the flu and for the past two weeks, I did almost nothing. Now another project is coming my way and soon it will make me move to another city. This is going to be quite a dream come true and I could not be happier. So I guess it will be difficult to go back to my early Zazzle start days when I kept updating several times per week and keeping in touch with great artists! But I will not give up as I found it truly rewarding. Every sale makes me quite happy. It's quite a joyful feeling to know that my designs are there in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, or the USA. I would like to send a big thanks to my buyers for their preference.


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