Portuguese Christmas sweet recipe

Mexidos do Natal or Formigos Recipe


Sugar - 1 tea cup, shallow
Honey - 2.5 dl
1 cinnamon stick
Lemon peel
Port Wine - 1/2 glass wine
Butter - 1 tablespoon
Water - 1.5 lt
1 pinch salt
Pine nuts - 50 g
Walnuts - 50 g
Raisins - 50 g
Bread - 250 g
Optional: cinnamon powder for decoration


First comes blending the bread you kept for a few days and it must be crumbled by hand. Then you put cinnamon, lemon peel, butter, salt, sugar, and honey in boiling water. Allow to boil for a few minutes (15 minutes) and then put the walnuts, pine nuts, and raisins in. Finally pour the Port wine. Let it boil for three minutes and is ready. (If it looks too liquid you can let it boil a little longer) Don't forget to stir constantly. Place on a plate and serve sprinkled with a little cinnamon powder. Eat cold. You can leave the cinnamon powder out because the flavor is already in the mix!

A friend of mine from Porto was talking about this sweet on Facebook and many were curious about it. So I decided to share the recipe with you here. I lived in Braga when I was a child. This Christmas dessert was my favorite. In this city this sweet is called Mexidos, in Porto, it's called Formigos. It's delicious. You can adjust the sugar and honey quantities to your taste, and add more or fewer fruits to it. Don't hesitate to try it. It's easy and it never goes wrong.

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