The new year started with bad weather in Portugal

Douro river mouth 
(3 prints from the video mentioned below)

From Monday - 6 January- until yesterday, 7 January, we had rough sea conditions at the Portuguese coastline. There was a red alert on, the level of highest weather warnings. It's a lot better now but it seems the bad weather will return at the beginning of next week. The stormy conditions at sea together with high tides originated coastal chaos in Portugal especially on the coastline from Viana do Castelo to Lisbon. But waves were unusually high in most of the Portuguese coastline. The violent sea caused extensive damage to coastal infrastructures and property along the shoreline from north to south of the country.

Watch the video I posted below and see how a big wave could have easily swept away folks nearby while watching and photo-taking the large swells. This incident took place in Foz do Douro, Porto. Watch a wave that easily washed around 20 cars away from the beachfront area. Some people got hurt and were treated for cuts, bruising, and hypothermia. The incident occurred at around 4pm.
In southern Portugal, quaint Algarvian coastal villages suffered flooding while huge waves crashed against the region’s characteristic cliffs as the water pushed its way inland. The waves spray was actually reaching the top of the cliffs. Watch it in the photo below also!

As you know, I live by the sea, in the center of Portugal. The street close to the sea was closed because the constant advancing and retreating of the waves were jetting debris on it. I saw lots of sand washed up. The sea was and still is quite noisy. I read we have coastal infrastructures damaged, and some wooden walkways are broken on the beaches south of the river's mouth. I really don't like bad weather and December and January have been terrible. Have a look! I picked 3 photos. (You have to be connected to Facebook to see it)

This one was taken at Algarve, Sagres.

This photo was taken at Corvo island, Azores

This photo was taken at island Terceira island, Azores

And a very short video: big wave surprises people on the street, Oporto

This is a photo of the same spot, at the river Douro's mouth, but this photo is, I believe, from December.


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