One of the biggest cribs in the world - Portugal

One of the biggest cribs in the world - Presépio Cavalinho - St. Maria da Feira

It's one of the biggest cribs in the world. It's in St. Maria da Feira, S.Paio de Oleiros, Portugal. Space has 2,000 square meters and gathers about 7000 parts assembled by more than 30 persons that worked for free. The crib is also free to visit. This presépio combines religious elements with kitsch and even political ones. It was started nine years ago on the personal initiative of Manuel Jacinto, who was the director of the Portuguese brand Cavalinho. It's a Portuguese handbag, footwear, and leather goods brand. To make it possible there are more than 50 kilometers of electric cable and 3,000 LED bulbs, tons of stone, nine waterfalls, and three or four trucks of clay, sand, gravel, and black earth. Watch it!

The site of Cavalinho Brand

More videos about Cavalinho crib and details for location.

The fabulous art of Machado de Castro - Machado de Castro's cribs are masterpieces. Here's some links where you can find more on this great Portuguese sculptor.

Crib by great Portuguese sculpture Machado de Castro can be seen at Basílica da Estrela - Lisbon

A creche by Machado de Castro. "O virtuoso criador" was an art exhibition held in 2012 dedicated to Machado de Castro. This blog shows you some pieces that were displayed in that wonderful exhibition and photos of monuments he authored. Don't miss the nativity scene. You have to scroll down. Thank you!

Another crib from Machado de Castro is the one known as of Beneficiado Oliveira - Sé de Lisboa - Lisbon

A nativity scene by Machado de Castro is a masterpiece. In this blog you can discover the Sé Patriarcal de Lisboa and the work of Machado de Castro. Please, scroll down.


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