Who will win Biggest Baddest Bucket List Competition?

In 6 hours the Winner of Biggest Baddest Bucket List will be announced. This is an amazing competition launched by My Destination. Not only the winner gets to choose where to go (making the bucket list truly personal) but also gets to tick everything off at once during an incredible 6-month round world journey. There are 10 finalists. I invite you to watch the videos they made. I am showing just two of the selected videos. One was made by a Portuguese and the other by a Brazilian girl and it's about the city of Lisbon.

Barbara Oliveira is a Brazilian girl that lives in Lisbon. Here's her entry to the Biggest Baddast Bucket List. She made a great video.

And this is João Cajuda's entry. He's a Portuguese actor and studied at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. His video is about India and it's pretty good. Shekhar Kapur great director of Elizabeth movie  has tweeted this video and praised it. He says he filmed with a Canon 7D!


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