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"The holiday season is quickly approaching, and while some people start their Christmas shopping on December 26th, others put it off until they absolutely have to shop. The reasons for waiting range from not having the money to start the shopping, to the thrill of the last minute shopping, to the loathing of stepping into a mall or big chain store. This year, and every year, really, I'd like to encourage everyone to skip the mall and the discount chain stores and go support your local artists, or other independent artists, who sell their designs and wares at craft fairs, consignment shops, or online at places like Zazzle, Fine Art America, Cafe Press, and other print on demand sites. Not only will you be supporting artists that do what they love even though the money does not always share their passion, but you will be buying gifts for yourself or others that are unique and in some cases, customizable. The artists you support might be professionals or amateurs, full-time workers or retirees, stay-at-home moms, and dads, or people with illnesses or disabilities. No matter the background, all of them have a love of art and design and they all appreciate the support of those who purchase their heart and soul. Thank you on behalf of all the artists and designers I proudly call my friends and family. The artist community is a tight-knit one and one I feel blessed to be a part of. Thank you for reading from Rdwnggrl's World."

I subscribe to these words.

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