October 15, 2015

I apologise for any inconvenience

Hello Zazzlers, followers and friends!

It's time I apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused you! And by this I mean the mess my blogs have been for the last months.

Last Sunday we had some bad weather and quite out of the blue I decided it was time to make some cleaning on my blogs. Maybe because I had an extra cleaning in the house the week before! I have a few blogs so one decision like this one is never a pleasant decision. But everything is done now and I am happy enough with the result.

As you know I have two blogs I use to promote Zazzle adventures, one is No Boring White and the other is A Portuguese Love. The first one was more or less ok, just a few dead links and it was it. But A Portuguese Love was a real mess! I don't understand how that happened entirely. To be honest blogging hasn't been in my list of priorities. So I kind of ignore it for half and year now. Life isn't perfect! I found lots of dead links, lots!! And lots of videos that have been removed! And empty posts, you name it! Even in such poor condition it still attracts 600-1000 visitors, I really don't understand how.

I created these blogs for promotion but I wanted it to be useful to my visitors and not a silly and empty experience! I struggle with my English, I know that my English is less than perfect, I make many mistakes even if I am always trying to fix it. Imagine how I felt when I found the mess my blog was.

Things are ok now. The blogs were cleanned. Many posts had to be refreshed or supressed!I believe that I should have deleted some more posts, I guess I'll do it next round!

One more thing. I also posted most Zazzle collective product showcases to Pinterest. I use Pinterest a lot but not for promotion or for the earning of referrals. This will be kind of an experiment. I will let you know how it goes. If it works it will be a win-win situation for me and for the people I've been promoting on these blogs. 

I invite you to support and follow that Pinterest board in particular - Gift ideas from No Boring White.  Usually when I promote a store or a designer I send a message via the store. If you're one of those, you're most likely being promoted on that board even if I promoted your store two years ago. I'm curious about the result of this Pinterest pinning. We shall see how it goes!

The name of the board and the print: 


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