March 17, 2014

The sea is blue and Portuguese hearts too!

Hello friends and Zazzlers!

This photo was taken this last week. It seems winter is saying goodbye. Weather has been great. So great that I planned to spend some time at the beach this weekend...and I did! Yesterday I went for a long walk on the beach! We say "Em Abril, √°guas mil". It's something like "April showers bring May flowers" but we don't mention the flowers! We just say that April will bring lots and lots of rain! I guess it's best to take advantage of this wonderful sun while it lasts! Now it's night already and very foggy. I hardly can see the street from my window.

Maybe inspired by all this good light and warmth I have already made a spring cleaning in my store and in my blog:

  • Remember that Zazzle migration tool introduced I don't remember when? Well, I found a lot of new products on the store, products I did not create. It was that tool who made it automatically. As a consequence the designs were not so nice. Usually I adjust or at least I examine most of the deisgns to fit each product. Zazzle tool can't do that! 
  • When I started the store I did not have a plan and made some mistakes. It's better to have a plan before going into action. As a result the store was a mix of different products. It wasn't bad that way but it wasn't good either. Now it's better. And it will get better if I not give it up! (Why? Check bellow, you'll understand.)
  • To my customers  - Zazzle added lots of new products since I opened the store in 2009. But I did not added new designs to all of it. It's now possible to find the designs in most products. I hope this will please my customers and also my affiliates. 
  • To my affilitates - I want to thank all the persons who refer my products. I am no model when it comes to promoting so YOU are a great help.  I am sorry, but you might find a lot of dead links now because I deleted lots of products. I deleted products Zazzle migration tool automatically created and also old products with unapealing designs. Yes, I know I will loose ranking. But I prefer it that way. It was far too messy for my organized taste!
  • I made small ajdustments to banners everywhere. It's not that obvious, but they look sharp now. I also changed the tagline because I kept reading the old one all over the internet! And I also  remember a Zazzle store adopting it as a name! No problem with that, of course! But I think this one is better also - Inspired by one country. Loved by all. What do you think? 
  • I am disappointed with my sales results so far. It droped since Zazzle changed the rules last year but January and February were really a bad experience. It looked almost like 2010, just when I started at Zazzle! I do Zazzle for several reasons - one, it's an excellent exercise to keep my creativity flowing. Two, I like to keep in touch with my fellow Zazzlers. Third, I have lots of pleasure knowing that people far away are buying my products and having fun with it. And I also enjoy the money. But the money isn't that much and the amount of work is enormous. If the sales does not go up until June I will be forced to rethink what I am doing.Why? The amount of time spent uploading and promoting products does not compensate for what I get in return. Maybe another POD, maybe selling to real people near me...What do you think?
  • This been told, please check some examples of the new products you can find at the store. These products use the same designs first created in 2009 - The Portuguese Rooster of Luck and Hearts and Flowers inspired by Lover's Handkerchief's tradition! I like the final result!
Portuguese Rooster of Luck Clipboards
Portuguese Rooster of Luck Clipboards by aportugueselove
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Portuguese Rooster of Luck Door Knob Hangers
Portuguese Rooster of Luck Door Knob Hangers by aportugueselove
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The Portuguese Rooster Symbol 3 Ring Binders
The Portuguese Rooster Symbol 3 Ring Binders by aportugueselove
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The Portuguese Rooster Symbol Stamp
The Portuguese Rooster Symbol Stamp by aportugueselove
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