February 6, 2014

Portuguese fado singer Cristina Branco is back!

Idealist is the name of the new record of my favorite Portuguese fado singer, Cristina Branco!

"In this new record “Idealist” Cristina Branco summarized a musical universe encompassing hundreds of great songs resulting from seventeen years long career begun in 1996, in Amsterdam. But we are not in the presence of another collection of songs, as extraordinary as the summary of so many sublime moments could be. “Idealist” is also a firm promise of continuation of her musical, poetical and interpretative path, as proved by the three new tracks that are added to Cristina Branco’s “ideal list”: a traditional fado, “Na rua do silêncio (fado Estoril)”, and two original songs with lyrics by Mário Cláudio – “Se fores não chores por mim” and “Fado da partilha”. Three new songs carrying noticeably Cristina Branco’s personal brand and proving that the singer feels more close to fado today than she felt in other stages of her career."

from Cristina Branco's Official site

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