October 7, 2013

Oppening a new Zazzle Store

Hello my friends and Zazzlers!

It has been almost a year since I uploaded some new products to Zazzle. I have promised myself that this Autumn I would make a comeback. I hesitated between the same old P.O.D I knew and others. Then I decided to give Zazzle another try and I am in the business of oppening a new Zazzle Store. I spent last week nights working very hard. I am uploading Halloween Products. Unfortunatly I am already late so I don't think I'll get many sales for Halloween products. I am already late but I had to start somewhere!

And so this is the way this new adventure beggins. My idea is to split my designs in two stores. A Portuguese Love will be for Portugal and Portuguese imaginary related products. This new store will cover everything else. I have a 3rd store exclusively dedicated to works I made with traditional collage - Papelustro. That one will be on hold for a couple of months more! Although I am excited with getting to work on Zazzle stores again I am finding some things very upsetting:

- Zazzle implemented some huge changes to their platform over the last months. The storefronts changed and any customization of ours was wiped out. When I look at my (old) stores I still don't recognize it!

- Category descriptions are gone, right? Zazzle don't allow text anymore? Not good.

- Products prices increased? I think so. 

- The Volume Bonus changed so I am not getting any Volume Bonus anymore. I read the new rules. Percentages droped!It sucks!

- I miss the old design tool. I am having trouble with this one. I remember better control over what I was doing before the changes. I have to perform more clicks to achieve the same result when using Text tool. I am having problems creating mugs while adjusting text and image. That was so easy before. What happened?

- Zazzle is in maintenance lots of times. This is also new. And even newer is this page I got today offering me a bonus because I found a bug! I prefered no bug and no bonus. What was the bug? I don't know. But I could not sign in and that's why I am writting this post! I stayed home this afternoon so I could do some Zazzle work. So far, nada.

- What more shall I discover to annoy me?!!!

What about you? Do you feel improvement or are you angry at changes like I am right now? Well, going back to Sign in and see if I can finish my Monday tasks. I want to open the store this week. I must keep my fingers crossed. By the way the name of it is NO BORING WHITE.

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