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Hello my Zazzle friends!

This image was the first one I saw as soon as I opened Facebook today. That's how I knew what date it was today. I saw this 9/11 Memorial iPod Touch Case and I traveled in time 12 years. Here we are again. It's September 9/11. Again. I remember that day so well. What a tragedy. I have contacts in the USA that I cherish a lot. Even if we never met I consider some of those people as good friends. The Internet brought us together. We share our lives and our dreams via the internet. We laugh, and we cry together. We celebrate! I feel like I really know them. I feel close to those people. Some got babies since our first Hi!. Some got married. Time went by. And fast.

It's harder when a country gets hit and we have friends living in it. We should all be citizens of the world. We should all be able to feel happy or pain for other humans regardless of the place they live in, the language they speak, their religion, or their culture. But if we don't have at least some knowledge of a country's culture we hardly remember it exists! What do people think, what do they do? If we don't have a clue about their ways we don't have a bond! We need to bond with other cultures. That's just natural because we are human. Bonding is a way to make things important for us!

I once had the chance to travel a little and just in Europe. I went as far as Istambul. I visited France, England, Italy, Spain, and Holland. I miss traveling! Frequently I say that all people should be able to travel. In fact, it should be mandatory. In my humble opinion experiencing other cultures and meeting people that are different from us could turn us into real citizens of the world. And for that, I mean a person that values and accepts cultural diversity as our most precious human trademark!

Things are easier for us than they were for previous generations. Distances are more easily conquered, and we have better roads, faster trains, and planes. To connect all we need is a computer and an internet connection. With a click, we can learn about almost anything. Creating a bond should be easier these days. So why can't we all learn to live in peace with differences?

One old song comes to mind. Remember Boy George's singing War war is stupid and people are stupid/And love means nothing in some strange quarters/War war is stupid and people are stupid/And I heard the banging of hearts and fingers/War!

War is stupid. Terrorism is stupid. Mankind has been fighting forever. It's a never-ending list of conflicts. No country is immune to it. Many innocent people have died. What a waste of lives and resources. Will wars and terrorism become human trademarks in the future yet to be written? Will terror ever stop? Why can't we build bridges instead of destroying buildings? Why can't we make bonds?

All these thoughts were running through my mind after I saw that 9/11 Memorial iPod Touch Case. Suddenly I had this idea of searching Zazzle marketplace for some images of September 9/11 that somehow could illustrate what was on my mind. I don't know if I achieved my intention but here's what I found. These are images of beauty, destruction, loss, and hope.

Ground Zero, Manhattan, NYC at night Postcard

Remember September 11 Flag Gray Med Postage
Remember September 11 Flag Gray Med Postage by pixibition
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Freedom Tower Rising Posters
Freedom Tower Rising Posters by AlanCrosthwaite
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Freedom Tower 911 NYC Poster 24x18
Freedom Tower 911 NYC Poster 24x18 by worldphotoscope
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