August 9, 2013

No more Squidoo for me

Hello friends and Zazzlers!

This is not a blogging comeback, yet. It's only a rather emotional outburst. I am moving my Squidoo content to this blog. I also deleted Squidoo links I had on the left side of this blog. It's over. I will keep my account there because there's interesting stuff to read at the site and I might visit and comment. But adios baby, no more Squidoo for me.

Now, you may want to know what happened... or not. If you are familiar with Squidoo you might have some of your lenses flagged or even blocked too by now. I was never an avid Squidoo writer. I created just a dozen lenses and spent months without logging to the platform. At this moment I am glad I did not write more! Most of them are blocked!

At first, I did not like Squidoo much. When I was more into it they started to make strict rules about how to create a lens. One I hated was the idea of putting an Amazon module at the top of the lens! Squidoo is worried about spun, duplicated content and poor English writing or content among other things. I think Google has unfriended Squidoo and so the captain is taking desperate measures to save the ship!

I have to struggle with English a lot as it's not my mother language. I know sometimes I am lazy and I use easy words and lazy sentences construction! So I must accept that maybe I am not just good enough at writing English to be at Squidoo. Many people earn money from Squidoo. My first poor content lenses made a couple of bucks in the first years. I gave it to charity. Lately, nada! It's a bit ironic that when I need the revenue nothing comes from that effort...! Squidoo pages demand a lot of effort and time from me and really I don't feel rewarded in any way. No traffic, no interaction, no money. And most of all it takes lots of time to set one lens correctly, I mean, the way Squidoo wants. I made an effort to improve my lenses but it did not work. So, the only way is out!

Thinking with a cold and objective mind I must ask myself what's Squidoo advantage when I can create a blog or two or three and do the exact same thing I do at Squidoo and in a much more comfortable way. Of course, there are SEO rules and if we want to perform well we must keep those rules in mind. But we're building something that in the long run we feel much more of our own than lenses ever will. Blogger adapted to Google too but Blogger changing policies never drove me crazy like Squidoo's. And there's also Wordpress that's a more professional platform to try. So, why Squidoo? No more Squidoo for me. And what about you?

August 4, 2013

Handmade gorgeous cards from Sabivo Designs

My friends, I am sorry but for the past two months, I was unable to update this blog. I will return to regular blogging in September. For now, this is just a quick post I promised to make. I am writing about SABIVO Design that is a boutique publisher based in Leicester, specializing in design and production of unique hand-painted greeting cards.

I was fortunate to be the lucky winner of Sabivo's Giveaway last month of July. I was so surprised when I got Sabivo's email telling me the good news! I am not a "giveaway freak"! I have this idea that I never get lucky. So most of the times I don't enter giveaways. This time was an exception, I GOT LUCKY, yeah!! I have always loved her artwork. When I found Sabivo's on Facebook I was immediately a fan and so I invite you to visit her page too.

I was so glad when I got Sabivo's Design package. I was not aware that I would get a collection, that's right, a small collection of six gorgeous cards. One card I can send to my father on Father's Day. I have 3 for Birthday occasions, one for Christmas and one for my boyfriend. I don't know if I will send it all, I want to keep one or two for me!!

They are perfect. I like the square format and the way Sabivo matches envelopes' color with color painting details. The textured white board is great too. Sabivo cards have small stones, jewels, ribbons, and trinkets. These small details make it really special. Each card is individually hand painted in watercolor and lovingly hand-finished with embellishment or subtly with glitter. Each card is packaged in a clear cellophane bag. 

These handmade cards designed and made in England by Sabina. Who is Sabina? As she wrote herself on Sabivo's site, Sabina is a self-taught artist with a passion for design for as long as she remembers. Together with Ivo who runs the website design and administration Sabivo Design's team helps us sending our words of love and joy on special occasions!

Where can you take a look at Sabivo's products?

Try the Facebook photo album

More SABIVO designs can be found on Gallery and Hand Painted Greeting Cards pages.

SABIVO Design offers also additional products, such as iPhone Cases, T-shirts, Art Prints, etc, at Zazu Online Zazzle Store. Click these products I selected and take a look!

Thank you, Sabina, for a wonderful Giveaway and best luck to you card business!