March 1, 2013

AJ network - join and promote your Zazzle store!

Hi Zazzlers and Friends!
Check this opportunity for promotion AJ is offering:
Check out the best gift shop directory on the net - AJ Network Tons of stores created by talented artists. Over 250 products with featured art, designs, and photography. Create your own!!! (within the user agreement)Mission - To become a diamond pro seller on Zazzle, and help other fellow artists be more successful through masterful marketing strategies. Company Overview - To promote the great people of zazzle. Description  - Browse and shop our collection of gift shops created by all kinds of talented artists, graphic designers, photographers, mainstream entertainment companies/artists. Or you can create your very own products, so you can express your artistic vision, or sense of humor. The product selection includes over 250 items from t-shirts to hats to coffee mugs to greeting cards to phone cases and so much more. General Information - This is a collection of a ton of different gift shops with something for everyone, along with the option to create your own stuff.

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