March 17, 2013

The Bible, a new TV series with a Portuguese actor in it!

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The Bible is a new TV series. The role of Jesus Christ is a portrait by Diogo Morgado, and, yes, he's a Portuguese actor. He's one of our top actors with a career spanning over 16 years in tv, film and stage productions. Now he's portraying the powerful role of Jesus Christ in the epic 10-hour mini-series "The Bible" produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey and premiering March 3, 2013, on The History Channel. Diogo's film credits include a performance in the title role of Portuguese dictator Antonio De Oliveira Salazar in the hit feature film "A Vida Privada De Salazar". Diogo also has lead roles in two independent films in the U.S.A: "Red Butterfly" and "Born to Race: Fast Track".

Salazar's Private Life by Jorge Queiroga (2009), with Diogo Morgado, Soraya Chaves, Margarida Carpinteiro and others. Salazar invented the Estado Novo. This regime started as a result of a nationalist military coup against the Portuguese 1st Republic in 1926. Two years later, Salazar who was in the Catholic party, was called to make part of the military cabinet and to put public finances in order. Later he was appointed the prime minister. In 1968 he had an accident from which he never recovered. His regime survived him! The Estado Novo regime collapsed with a revolutionary military coup in 1974, four years after his death.

A vida privada de Salazar is a Portuguese Tv series based on true facts. It starts when he was a young man spending time at a seminary. Then he moves to Coimbra's university where he studies law and becomes a teacher. Over forty years he rules Portugal as a dictator. In the meantime, he did have a turbulent affective life but it seems that at the time that was all a big secret. This TV series deals mostly with Salazar's passion for women. Salazar never married and dedicated his life to his country, or at least that was what he believed and made the people believe...

Donate to Wikipedia!

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Today when I accessed Wikipedia I found the fundraising yellow banner. I donated a few euros to Wikipedia because I think it's money well spent. In fact, how many times a year have I turned to Wikipedia for information? After I made my donation I got this email and I am sharing it in order to encourage you to donate to Wikipedia too!

Dear Maria,
Thank you for donating to the Wikimedia Foundation. You are wonderful!
It's easy to ignore our fundraising banners, and I'm really glad you didn't. This is how Wikipedia pays its bills --- people like you giving us money, so we can keep the site freely available for everyone around the world.

People tell me they donate to Wikipedia because they find it useful, and they trust it because even though it's not perfect, they know it's written for them. Wikipedia isn't meant to advance somebody's PR agenda or push a particular ideology, or to persuade you to believe something that's not true. We aim to tell the truth, and we can do that because of you. The fact that you fund the site keeps us independent and able to deliver what you need and want from Wikipedia. Exactly as it should be.
You should know: your donation isn't just covering your own costs. The average donor is paying for his or her own use of Wikipedia, plus the costs of hundreds of other people. Your donation keeps Wikipedia available for an ambitious kid in Bangalore who's teaching herself computer programming. A middle-aged homemaker in Vienna who's just been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. A novelist researching 1850s Britain. A 10-year-old in San Salvador who's just discovered Carl Sagan.

On behalf of those people, and the half-billion other readers of Wikipedia and its sister sites and projects, I thank you for joining us in our effort to make the sum of all human knowledge available for everyone. Your donation makes the world a better place. Thank you.

Most people don't know Wikipedia's run by a non-profit. Please consider sharing this e-mail with a few of your friends to encourage them to donate too. And if you're interested, you should try adding some new information to Wikipedia. If you see a typo or other small mistake, please fix it, and if you find something missing, please add it. There are resources that can help you get started. Don't worry about making a mistake: that's normal when people first start editing and if it happens, other Wikipedians will be happy to fix it for you.

I appreciate your trust in us, and I promise you we'll use your money well.

Souvenirs from Porto, my favorite city!

March 3, 2013

Protests in Portugal revive Revolutionary Song!

The song Grândola, Vila Morena first became a symbol of protest during the 1974 revolution that brought democracy to Portugal. Carlos Bahia went to the United States in 1977 and now lives in Danbury, CT. He plays “Grandola, Vila Morena” on his radio program Radio Familia on WFAR in Danbury, Connecticut.



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Had to post about this demonstration. These are the covers of our most popular newspapers. Thousands of demonstrators were on the streets in more than 20 cities in Portugal on Saturday to protest against government-imposed austerity measures. "Screw the troika, we want our lives back."- The troika is a reference to the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank, the lenders behind the country's financial bailout. Many protesters were singing a 40-year-old song called Grândola Vila Morena. If you want to listen a short explanation about it listen to the above Mp3. It's a song that's linked to 1974 popular uprising known as the Carnation Revolution.

Also check this video of Nina Tupper. She's from Maine, USA, and she joined the demonstration too.

March 2, 2013

Grumpy Cat is a SHE!

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Grumpy Cat is all over the internet maybe since December. And there's an official merchandise store at Zazzle that sells Grumpy Cat's goodies!! But it was only today that I learned that Grumpy Cat is a "she" and that her real name is Tardar Sauce! Well, not much to say about this cat. She's a world star! She's a viral success over the internet. She's irresistible! She's a real deal, not the work of a Photoshop artist. It seems like she was born angry and that's why we love her! Meowww!

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March 1, 2013

Marco Rodrigues - more Portuguese music for you!

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This is a happy fado from Marco Rodrigues. The CD will be out next week so this is quite fresh yet! I will not translate the lyrics for you this time but I am sure you will love the voice and the cheerful guitars. I can tell you that it's kind of a warning the poet makes about women. They fall for those men who don't like them, they run away from those who care! So the best thing is just not giving women that much attention and in that way, they will come running for you! He's telling the heart that's just the way it is, it's women' nature so the heart can't fight it! It's a sweet poem written by a poet born in the XIV century. He studied Law and unfortunately he drowned in River Tejo when he was 58 years old. Enjoy the music!

Coração, olha o que queres

Tão tirana e desigual 

Sustentam sempre a vontade, 

Que a quem lhes quer de verdade 

Confessam que querem mal; 

Se amor para elas não vale, 

Coração, olha o que queres: 
Que mulheres, são mulheres... 

Coração, olha o que queres: 
Que mulheres, são mulheres... 
Coração, olha o que queres: 
Que mulheres, são mulheres... 

Se alguma tem afeição 
Há-de ser a quem lhe nega, 
Porque nenhuma se entrega 
Fora desta condição; 
Não lhe queiras, coração, 
E senão, olha o que queres: 
Que mulheres, são mulheres... 

Coração, olha o que queres: 
Que mulheres, são mulheres... 
Coração, olha o que queres: 
Que mulheres, são mulheres... 

São tais, que é melhor partido 
Para obrigá-las e tê-las, 
Ir sempre fugindo delas, 
Que andar por elas perdido; 
E pois o tens conhecido, 
Coração, que mais lhe queres? 
Que, em fim, todas as mulheres! 

Coração, olha o que queres: 
Que mulheres, são mulheres... 
Coração, olha o que queres: 
Que mulheres, são mulheres... 

De Francisco Rodrigues Lobo -1580-1622