January 29, 2013

Where to find t-shirt design inspiration? Part 2/2

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Here's another post about sites where you can find t-shirts, lots of t-shirts. Sharing the second part of this big list I reasearched. It might be useful. You can find some inspiration for your designs in it, or you can get to study some different t-shirt business models if you're planning to open a t-shirt store. Or maybe you can find that t-shirt  you were just looking for.

Today's list has t-shirt sites that also run t-shirt design competitions. Why not give it a try? I am not earning anything from these links but I also added a list of affiliate programs you can join so you can make money selling t-shirts evn if you don't care to design it. When checking a t-shirt site look if they have an affiliate program. Many do have one.
After all this work I don't know if I am more or less motivated to design t-shirts for Zazzle than I was when I started! One think I am sure: T-shirts seem to be a terrific business for many.Some of these sites are running for many years. So...have a look yourself.

More places to buy t-shirts online

9Fountains - 9 Fountains originally launched as t-shirt design competition in late 2010, with the goal of promoting artists and elevating design in South East Asia. 9  Unlike the commonly available, low-cost, low-quality options, a 9 Fountains t-shirt is one that the wearer will keep.
Headlineshirts - At Headline Shirts, they are obsessed with making intelligently funny tees and apparel. You'll find smart, great-looking stuff that you won't find anywhere else.
T-shirts - A fantastic selection of adult and kids t-shirts at low prices so that everyone can afford the look they want. Also, if you need something unique or personalized, they offer custom t-shirts, too.
Customizedgirl - Use their design center to add your own text, art, and images to hundreds of styles: from t-shirts, to tank tops, tohoodies, to bags, to just about anything. You can start designing on a blank item, or you can customize one of the designs. 

PrintMojo - an easy way to sell quality screen printed and embroidered merchandise from your own online store.
6dollarshirts - on the internet will you find such a large variety of quality printed t-shirts at such a ridiculously low price...
RiptappREL - Artists and designers can submit their designs through an agreement. Tees and more items available.
noisebot - An amazing selection of  funny t-shirts at affordable low prices.
Nerdyshirts - NerdyShirts is an online retailer of t-shirts from your favorite movies, cartoons, video games, comic books
Lastexittonowhere - A small collective of like-minded film enthusiasts, designers, illustrators, screenprinters and photographers that collaborate to create unique T-shirts that pay homage to the most memorable places, companies and corporations in cinema history.
GlobalThreadColective - A place where people can view artwork originating from different countries and customize it on different cuts of apparel for sale.
Choiceshirts -  The most wearable graphic t-shirts for any occasion, any mood, any friend, any reason at any time!
80stees - It's the prime destination for pop culture tribes everywhere to come together and share their geekery!
Bant-shirts - An alternative to the repetitive conformist clothing that you will find in malls and department stores. 
Uberprints - A one stop shop for personalized clothing, UberPrints.com has been voted the best online provider of customized apparel.
Theteeparty - It specializes in artsy, cute and funny t-shirts.
Splitreason -  online store for geeks and gamers with a strong focus on products that embody a high-tech lifestyle and passion for retro nostalgia. You can submit designs.
ooshirts - Nicely discounted t-shirt printing for customers.
indieshirts - All  designs are created in-house and orginated from random quotes and scribbles on pieces of paper.
designashirt - Custom t-shirts for everyone.
Teenormous - Shop 146,414 shirts in our powerful t-shirt shopping engine.
Kindredmarket - Your source for bicycle T-shirts Online! We are cycling and pop culture enthusiasts and love great design.
tshirtbordello - "Your place for dirty laundry"
Teefury - All tees here are super limited-edition, being sold for only 24-48 hours or until sold out, whichever happens first. After the sale period the t-shirt is removed never to be made available for sale again.
Spraygraphic - Spraygraphic is a free online community for Creative Minds. The site allows members to share their Art, Design, Illustrations, Drawings, Music, Photography, and Videos. You can submit designs.
Karmaloop - With over 300 clothing brands for Guys and Ladies it's a good place to get some inspiration.
Itself - You can submit your design to Itself. 

What about selling tshirts and entering t-shirt design contests?

DesignByHumans - DBH is an ongoing t-shirt design competition and community where
artists and t-shirt lovers can create, buy, and talk about art and t-shirts.
RedisWhite - Users can upload their faith inspired designs to be voted and commented on by the community for each monthly design contest. The winning designer will receive benefits. You promote it.
LaFraise - it has an ongoing graphic design competition.Every week, they select new t-shirt designs from the "Voting ended" category to be printed.Each winning designer receives €1,000 as a prize and provides them with a temporary license to produce and sell the print in a limited edition of 500 t-shirts.
GoodJoe - Every month,they run a Design for a Greater Good contest based on the mission statement of a nonprofit organization. At the end of the contest, the nonprofit selects the winning design and earns up to 50% of proceeds from each t-shirt sold.
604Republic - If your design is chosen, you will receive either one of $300 USD in cash + $1.00 USD per t-shirt sold on our website for as long as they are selling it OR 10% of the retail sale price of each product bearing your submitted design for as long as they are selling it. 
MonsieurPoulet - French site with ongoing contests and seasonal ones. Designers will win "2 euros par exemplaire vendu. Chaque dessin est édité entre 100 et 1000 exemplaires. "
Pampling - T-shirt design contest winners can win till 2500 euros.
LookZippy - French site. Win until 1000 euros for 500 t-shirts that are printed.
MassCanvas - Every few weeks, our community of artists, fans, and creativity lovers unite in a Design Contest to create and select the best Limited Edition Art and Fashion. Each contest is inspired by a famous apokesperson, cause, or event and fueled by a unique theme, ensuring exclusive, custom designs that you can't get anywhere else. Created and voted on by you, only the winning designs are sold, always in strictly Limited Edition. Each product is hand-numbered, so any item you buy is 100% unique to you.
Inkfruit - Asia’s largest co-creation brand for people to submit, discover and buy amazing designs created by artists from around the world. T-shirts, Flip-flops, Sling bags, Laptop skins, etc. Based around the ongoing designing contests, all the designs you see on Inkfruit have been submitted by the community.
TeeBusters - It's the home of the cheapest daily t-shirt in Europe with a range of styles including music, movie, humour, pop culture, gaming, comic book, tv show and retro inspired designs. Artists and designers submit their tee shirt designs and  they are reviewed. The design that gets the most votes is then sold on the website.
CanvasThreads - If your design is selected as a winner you'll receive $1 every time your tee sells.
Camiseteria - Brazilian site.There's a prize of 1600 reais for winning design.
Threadless - Pick a design challenge to submit to. The Threadless challenge is their big, ongoing, challenge. All the rest have themes, timelines, and different stuff up for grabs.
99designs - Post a contest, review the designs and pick a winner, it's that easy.
Allmightys - Prizes from their competitions are based around commissions.
Fairand Bare - They make beautiful t-shirts that are designed by a talented community of artists who visit the site. You can design for them too - they pay you £200 for the privilege of using your design.
Ilogo - Not sure about this one...
Woot - they run a competition called The Derby.Only users who have made at least one purchase at any Woot site may vote in the Derby.The designers of the entries that sell will receive $1,000 each, plus $2 for every shirt sold after the first day.
DesignCrowd - Instantly hire thousands of quality designers from around the world - an affordable way to get better, more creative ideas. The best part? You select the best design!

Affiliate programs - you can win money by selling t-shirts. Check this link for a list of affiliate programs.

And a last one - TPOSTMAG - T-post is the world's first wearable magazine. It's a streetwear brand heavily influenced by what's happening around us, combining written stories with the best street culture medium ever invented, the graphic T-shirt.

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