Garrett McNamara surfed another big wave in Nazaré (Portugal)!

Photo source - Facebook

I was just going to sleep when I saw this amazing photo and had to blog about it. It seems that Garrett McNamara has surfed a monster wave in Nazaré beach AGAIN and may have beaten his previous world record. This man is just incredible. Garrett McNamara has already surfed what is considered to be the biggest wave ever in Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal, during the ZON North Canyon Project 2011. Now McNamara returned to Nazaré and it may have surfed another huge one on 28th January, yesterday. In this photo that was captured by a Portuguese photographer called Tó Mané, Garrett McNamara is seen riding a big, big wave, maybe a 100-foot wave. Garrett McNamara traveled from Hawaii and hit the water with Kealii Mamala,Kamaki Worthington, and Hugo Vau, as a support team on the jet ski. This is McNamara blog, keep checking it for further news.

Read about previous McNamara record here!


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