December 5, 2012

Christmas Gifts suggestions from the Group!

Hello Zazzlers, readers and friends!
Christmas Day is coming pretty fast. I haven't shopped anything yet. Have you? Have you sent your Christmas Greeting Cards? I can't say I look forward to the shopping thing. I really can't spend much. I have to compensate that with imagination, creativity and a lot of thinking before buying. Well, well. Christmas isn't about buying, Christmas is about giving. So some of us must find ways of giving even if not able to buy stuff. We are in a deep crisis here in Portugal. Many people don't have what to eat, they can't pay the light or gaz bills or the house rent. Socrates, the last prime minister, presented his resignation to President Cavaco da Silva maybe in March 2011. The main opposition are the Social Democrats, they got to the power again. One year and a half after we see that Government has done more than IMF (International Monetary Fund) harsh measures demanded. We are facing tax increases, pension reductions and long-term economic reforms - the civil service is being trimmed. Many industries are being privatized. Social welfare is being desmateled piece by piece. I think people were ready to make some sacrifices if things changed for the best. But no big changes are happening. Unemployment taxes are rising. Many Portuguese are living the country. People feel desperate. On 14th of November street demonstrations against austerity ended with an attack on citizens human rights. I just don't like what I see nor what I think about all this. And I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. Usually I don't use this blog to get this things out of my chest. But I think you don't mind if I do it from time to time...

But, enough of political and social stuff. Here you are, a bunch of  Christmas gifts suggestions from the Zazzle Affilitate Junction Group! As a great animal lover I have to highlight Diane's Pillows! Aren't they adorable? On this Christmas don't forget about pets either! You can help your local shelter. There are a lots of animals without a family and a home that need our help. Find a shelter, help feeding a doggy or a cat! In Portuguese we say Fazer o bem, sem olhar a quem = Do good without regard to whom (and for me that means we should include animals too!!)

When I do good, I feel good; 

when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.

Abraham Lincoln, (attributed)

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Nothing calms and inspires me as much as a lovely sunset. So when things don't make sense to me, I take a walk where I can regain my perspective by looking up at a glorious sky. 

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I pass these alpacas almost every day, since they live on a small farm near me. I love watching these playful animals, many of whom thrive on attention from their humans. 

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Sweetness and Love in Your Day - Emma in Flowers I is a sweet little kitty who sits in a field of flowers on the side of a hill. Blossoms of crimson reds, pretty pink poppies, lavender heather and white dogwood surround this gray and white cat, both on the ground and falling from the heavens. Emma has mostly gray fur, with a sweet little white paws and a dab of white on her nose, as she steps through the flowers. Bright blue flowers falling from the sky give an extra sparkle to the dappled gray background. 

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Sweetness and Elegance Each Day - Lady in Flowers is a lovable portrait of a brown and white cocker spaniel puppy surrounded in a meadow of delicate flowers. Lady in Flowers sits comfortably along the side of a hill filled with lavender, cranberry reds, creamy whites, muted purples, subtle greens and mixtures of pinks. She loves sitting in nature surrounded by beautiful flowers of crimson reds, pretty pink poppies, lavender heather and white dogwood, both on the ground and falling from the heavens. 

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While a kaleidoscope is a continually changing pattern of shapes and colors, this is an digital still version of that. Intricate patterns that are repeated in a circular frame

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Beautiful bouquet with white daisies, green leaves and a ribbon on which you can write a name or phrase.

Jazzy multi colored snake-skin like plastic bubble iphone 5 case. Sure to be a hit with anyone! 

A sharp yellow triangular "eye" makes a mark on an orange and fuchsia colored pillow background, creating an outstanding contemporary design.

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