Zazzlers, let's do #FollowFriday thing!

Hello Zazzlers and Friends!

One of these days a fellow Zazzler wasn't aware of what the #FollowFriday is about. I scheduled a post about it on my mind. Today is Friday, so it's a good day to write about the FollowFriday thing!

I don't know when it started and how it started. I really can't say but I've been getting #followfriday or #FF for a long time. The first time I did, I did not know what it meant. I noticed that short list of @name and #followfriday in the tweet and did not know what to do it!! Every Friday I seem to forget that I can join the game and suggest to my followers who to follow on Twitter.

But what does it means? By suggesting others to follow on Twitter I am recognizing those persons as good connections. It means I value those persons for something specific. That might happen because that group gives away good tweets, or because they have a nice Zazzle store or a nice blog I want you to discover. Usually, the group should have something in common. So instead of searching for people interested in the same topics as myself I just have to check for those suggestions from Zazzlers. At least that's how I see #FF thing.

There are really no rules to FollowFriday except the hashtag #Followfriday. You can suggest as many Zazzlers as you like or just suggest a few. What happens then? You may increase your Follower count and build your network of contacts for your business or just the number of Zazzlers you know. Of course, you may get some angry followers also - but people let's be reasonable, we can't share all our favorites in one FollowFriday! Fortunately, we have more than one Friday in the year to do it!

So ready to join the #FF game? It's easy! Just think of a couple of people you enjoy following, and that you think I should too. Come on!


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