November 25, 2012

VHILS solo exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone - London

30th November 2012 - 17th January 2013
Lazarides Rathbone presents the first solo exhibition from the Portuguese artist Vhils with the gallery in over 3 years, and his comprehensive to date: Devoid. The artist's latest body of work will focus on the
individual in relation to the overpowering force of urban environments. Working with the city as the prime material, Vhils has used what the urban environment offers in its most derelict spaces as both a location and as a source for materials from wood scraps to rusty metal, discarded billboards and other debris produced by its inhabitants:
"This ephemeral character that interests me in my work is the transience I witnessed while growing up, in the street, in the transformation and development, in all the changes: Nothing Lasts Forever ... the contrast between the glamour of the new and the decadence of the old. All this ephemeral nature that can be observed in the street says a lot about the state of people and their way of living in a given moment of time." – Vhils
Devoid will culminate a series of projects executed in 2012 in Shanghai, Paris, the favelas of Rio and Lisbon.

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Alexandre Farto aca VHILS -

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