November 14, 2012

Today Zazzle Wall Clock's rule!

Hello Zazzlers and friends!
Welcome to another round for Zazzle Affiliate Junction Group products showcase. Wall clocks are up this time! We have 4 wall clocks on this list, each one so different and unique as their creators. Made of acrylic and printed with the AcryliPrint®HD printing process, Zazzle wall clocks are the sleek complement to any room’s décor. Custom clocks come in round or square shapes, 3 sizes and styles and they run on AA battery (not included).

This calendar features scenes from Templeton California's wine country through the year. Each picture was taken in season, and the front cover photo was taken in August at Aron Hill Vineyard. Ca Wine Country
Design has the Flag of Greece or Greek Flag. Reads, "The blood of Hellas flows through my veins and sometimes it's ouzo". Funny for those with a sense of humor (humour) who like to laugh & have their funny bone tickled. Fun way for Greeks, Greek-Americans, and Greek-Canadian to share their ancestry, heritage and culture. Especially when you, um, over celebrate on Ochi Day (Ohi)! Flag Nation
Brighten Your Day –  Freckles has mostly black fur, white paws and whiskers and little dab of white on his mouth. Freckles in Butterflies is part of my Fanciful Animal Images series. Freckles has been my beloved animal companion for 18 years. At the animal shelter he came right over and insisted on going home. When I went to the shelter, Freckles came right over and brushed against me – and then he walked away. He did this several times. To me, that said this tiny tux kitty was both independent and loving. And that has turned out to be so true! This image of Freckles is a delightful addition to any family with his elegance and charm. Diane Clancy
Dare to Dream! Ocean Dreams is a painting that dares you to fantasize, dares you to go beyond the comfortable. Bubbles of emerald, green, blue, cyan, aqua and sapphire dance over an azure ocean – with a purple and indigo sky with teal clouds.  Diane Clancy
Imagine putting a bit to little ink on a rubber stamp and then stamping it on a paper. You get a 'bad' stamp right? It looks worn and a bit faded here and there. That's exactly what the design on this product looks like! It's not stamped like you would at home, but it does have that rubber stamp feel to it. The design is made in a circle and the text read Birthday Boy and shows a cake with candles in the middle. Great for a boys or for men that are a boy at heart. Ruber Stamp
Rose Drop Espresso Cup
Rose Drop Espresso Cup by HomeandBeyond
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This wall clock will certainly bring a pop of color in your home.Amazing kaleidoscope with points pointing inwards in bright teal and pink and deep blue colors. The fine lines drawn over the design give this kaleidoscope a slightly aged look, while keeping it light and fresh. While a kaleidoscope is a continually changing pattern of shapes and colors, this is an digital still version of that. Intricate patterns that are repeated in a circular frame. Waving Flames
Light Green Polkadot Frame Round Clock
Light Green Polkadot Frame Round Clock by The_Frame_Shop
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Fun light green polkadot design with room for your own precious photo. Use the template on the right on personalize this clock for a great personal product or an awesome customized gift. The preview shows a inner circle for your photo, a middle circle with a light green background and white dots and a solid green outer circle with the clock numbers. The Frame Shop

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