November 1, 2012

Amazing Pillows from Zazzle creators and more!

Hello again fellow Zazzlers and friends! Are you ready for another Affiliate Junction Group Promotion? I am kind of enjoying doing this. Guess what:
  • it saves me a lot of time because I find the produts already selected by their creators instead of doing the search myself; 
  • it brings a lot more diversity to this blog every new week;
  • it brings a point of view other than mine to these blog's showcases;
  • it might bring me referrals; 
  • I know that these bunch of Zazzle creators are promoting for me also so I feel more responsible about sharing what they create. I think I tweet these more times than my own previous Zazzle products selections. 
How is this happening? Each Group member presents four links to the Facebook Group. Sometimes I pick one, sometimes two, sometimes I pick all their products suggestions. Today I enjoyed DigiGraphics and Diane Clancy's pillows particularly. These two Zazzlers have different styles but I can easily imagine their captivating pillows laying a cozy living room sofa. But check all the products bellow and their creators words - we have mugs, Ipad Sleeves, iPhone cases, calendars, magnets, tshirts, plates...take a look!

Browse other Colorful Pillows

Amber Goddess resonates with the Goddess within that we each have. This brilliant painting shows a Goddess of healing, love and passion as she dances through life. Swirls of amber, purple, orange, ginger, violet, plum, wine, maroon, brown and black play together to create the form of a woman with her arms raised. Periwinkle blue, tan and peach fashion an accent for her waist. The total effect is a Goddess with power emanating from her whole being. - Diane

View more throw pillows

The Power of Love - Underground is a fun and whimsical image that will take you on a journey into a land of love. This is a tribute to the power of love that supports and carries us through the hills and valleys of life. Romantic red, blue and lime hearts weave through rainbows of rich royal, Maya and sapphire blues, violet and indigo purples, creamy and lime yellows and a variety of mossy, sea and olive greens. Hints of rivers, mountains, valleys and skies grace this painting. -Diane

Browse Zazzle for a different throw pillow

View more throw pillows

View more throw pillows

More Can't Mugs

Humorous quote to tickle your funny bone, reads, "If you can't say anything nice about someone, come sit by me." Sure to make everyone laugh. - Laugh Stuff

See other MacBook Air accessories at 

In Democrat blue, the words of St. Thomas Aquinas, "Determine what God has given you and take from it what you need, the remainder is needed by others." - The Democratic lady ( Please click on the product to see the caption, I don't know why the words aren't showing!!!)

Make your own customizable t-shirts on zazzle. 

A simple, but lovely, Chi Ro Cross for your Roman Catholic Christian, or anyone of spiritual mind. Lovely gift for Christmas, Easter, ordination, or any religious or special time. - Mary and Jesus

Design custom calendars at Zazzle. 

Taken from our own backyard in Brookings Oregon white tail beautiful original deer calendar will charm every deer lovers heart, Makes a great stocking stuffer.  - Home and Beyond

View more Dry Erase Boards

One of a kind designer eraser boards with a flair. A great compliment to any room or gift! - Home and Beyond

Find another Award

A great gift for that first year of Baby's life! - Home and Beyond

Shop for another iPhone 5 case at Zazzle 

Neon bright colors 3 D and beautiful custom cover will get lots of compliments!
- Just in Case

Shop for another courier bag

Cute colorful cat faces in a fun cat pattern. Multi-colored cats in pink, purple, blue, teal, green and a brown/tan. This nice roomy bag is great for any cat lover.

Create custom made bags
This cute reusable organic grocery tote bag has a fun kitty saying "I'm Going Green!" on a green background with a small green border. What a fun way to go green. Great for a cat lover or anyone that is going green. - Flamin Cat Designs

Have you ever seen blue worms before? Look closely because these Blue worms are having a party!  The design shows a dark grunge orange and purple background to set off the lime colored circle of which blue worms pop out. They are having a blast, some wear party hats, some shiny lipstick and a couple of them are ready for a big smooch. - Zandiepants

Shop for another vinyl magnet
Beautiful stylized trees that uses negative space as the color for the trees. Change the background color and the trees in the foreground will change along. This design works best with lighter color. Beautiful and stylish and available in various colors. - ZandiePants

Browse more Winter Magnets

Very cute magnet where you can place your own photo to make it the perfect christmas gift. Retro colored snowflakes on a beige background and pretty pink bow. - Zandie Pants

Funny illustration of a gingerbread man that was baked too hot in the oven, he’s on fire! The flames coming out of his back proof the point! - ZandiePants

See more Grapes Coasters

These grapes were photographed in the vineyard shortly before harvest in Templeton, California. . CaWine Country

Create unique custom plates online at Zazzle. 

Autumn is the season when Paso Robles vineyards dress up in colorful leaves. This picture was taken from Oakview Lane near Highway 46 West. - CaWine Country

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