September 7, 2012

Follow me to Pinerly?

Well, a fellow Zazzler was inviting people to follow her to Pinerly. I did. And now I am asking you to follow me to Pinerly too!Pinerly is not open to the public. We must share our unique link on Facebook and Twitter to get ahead of our competition! We must invite friends, co-workers, family... you get the point. Friends qualify you for an earlier invite and bonus features. Please note, signing up from the same computer multiple times will not count, that's a Pinerly warning! Pinerly is not affiliated with Pinterest, so they say. I'm yet to figure it out...that's why I need you to follow me!

Update! I'm in! Thank you! Here's a bit of what you get once inside!

Pinerly provides a suite of tools to help you market your visual content on Pinterest.
With Pinerly, you create a "campaign", post it onto Pinterest, and then we provide you with the analytics for it - click-throughs, likes and repins. By surfacing the most relevant stats, we help eliminate the guessing of what works and doesn't.
Our goal for Pinerly is to continue building the most comprehensive tools to help you optimize your marketing strategy for social media sites. We're confident that by providing you with the information you need, you will be able to optimize your posts and increase your returns.

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