May 23, 2012

Help me help Davis, my nephew's dog!

Davis is my nepehw's dog. He's a shar pei dog and he is very sick. He takes pills every day to manage pain and he will stop walking as the illness progresses. We're asking help to pay for the surgery high price. Click on the link to go to Davis's blog and learn all about it!
Three ways to help Davis!
- Sharing Davis situation! Use the power of internet!
- Donating some money! Every amount counts!
- Offering the profit from of a sale if you are an artist or a crafter and have a blog/store - you pick an item and we'll link to your blog/store and help to promote it.  Please note that if you live outside Portugal the sale must be open to those who live in your country only because mailing expenses to Portugal might be disencouraging.

- Other ideas!
How to make a donation: via PAYPAL ou BANK TRANSFER
  • Subscription ended.

For your name to be on the Donations list, after making your donation via ATM or banck transfer, please send us the scanned receipt with your name and where you live! Use davisharpei(at) If not, your donation will appear as "anonymous."
Davis has been assisted by the veterinary team of Clinicão Vet Hospital.  If you have any doubts about Davis's condition, please contact Clinicão Health Animal Clinic.

Praça António Sérgio nº 20 
3080-604 Figueira da Foz   - PORTUGAL
E-mail: Hospital Veterinário Clinicão: 

May 2, 2012

The Avengers posters anyone?

Today it's not about Portuguese stuff at all. Marvel started in 1939, but in 1961, the company launched Fantastic Four and other superhero titles created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and others and they become world famous. I am fond of comics so I never miss a movie about superheros. Next weekend I am going to take my nephew to the movies. It was a promise I made since the last one we watched together, John Carter.The Avengers is kind of a big thing. Four different blockbuster franchises in one movie! Marvel assembled their previous superhero films into one and I am curious to see how it works. We're prepared to watch Earth’s mightiest heroes working together - Tony Stark aka “Iron Man” (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Natasha Romanoff aka “Black Widow” (Scarlett Johansson), Bruce Banner aka “The Hulk” (Mark Ruffalo), and Steve Rogers aka “Captain America” (Chris Evans). I really hope it works.

Going to the movies is expensive, specially if it's a 3D movie! And as I love movies I hate it when I go and the film sucks...And, yes, I like a lot of different genres, american, european, asiatic, french, whatever movies. I just have one condition - it should be good. I do enjoy good science fiction but it's hard to get a good one. Inception was terrific. The last sci-fi movie I watched was Super8 and it was a pleasant surprise. I also like fantasy and super hero movies so it will not be a problem!

Meanwile Zazzle has some fantastic posters from The Avengers and I might buy one for my nephew! Take a look!My favourite? Iron Man!)When I was a child my father bought me a magazine and there he was. Pages inside were black and white, only the cover was in full color. I painted all Iron Man I found inside with strong red and bright yellow!I think I still have that comics magazine! Iron Man has been my favourite ever since!)

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Avengers Retail Group 2 zazzle_print
Avengers Retail Group 2 by avengers
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Avengers Movie: SHIELD zazzle_print
Avengers Movie: SHIELD by avengers
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Iron Man Sketched Watercolor Poster
Iron Man Sketched Watercolor Poster by AgeOfUltron
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Iron Man Character Art Poster
Iron Man Character Art Poster by AgeOfUltron
Browse more Iron man Posters at Zazzle
The Hulk Sketched Watercolor Poster
The Hulk Sketched Watercolor Poster by AgeOfUltron
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Captain America Sketched Watercolor Poster
Captain America Sketched Watercolor Poster by AgeOfUltron
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Thor Sketched Watercolor Poster
Thor Sketched Watercolor Poster by AgeOfUltron
View Thor Posters online at zazzle
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