March 12, 2012

Portuguese Filigree at Sílvia Neto's Zazzle Store

Hello readers! It has been a long time since my last products showcase. I had a problem with one Zazzler if you remember. He disliked my blog linking to his store and made a complaint to Zazzle. I thought about giving up showing products. But I think there's no need for that. I can make it this way. Instead of showing multiple products of several stores at one time I'll pick one store at each time and first I will ask the owner if I can promote. It will be the end of any possible problems. 
Today's collection of products is the work of Sílvia Neto´s. She's also Portuguese. I like what she creates a lot. These products bellow are inspired by traditional portuguese filigree. She even managed to mix it with St.Patrick Day's clovers and the result is awesome. Sílvia is a professional designer and illustrator. You can take a look at her personal site to check her talent for book illustration and design also.
Paddy Lucky Filigree Clovers - iphone4 speckcase

Portuguese Heart - be my red iphone3 speckcase

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  1. Belinha!! Thank you very much!! Muito obrigada por partilhares aqui os meus produtos :) Estou mesmo muito agradecida!! Um grande beijinho!! SilviaNeto.


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