The beautiful N.R.P Sagres!

The beautiful ship Sagres celebrates 50 years of service to the Portuguese Navy this year and 75 years of life. The ship Sagres was built in the shipyards of Blohm and Voss in Hamburg in 1937. She was baptized Albert Leo Schlageter. In 1948 Sagres entered the service of the Brazilian Navy and was named Guanabara. In 1961 it was acquired by Portugal in order to replace an old ship named Sagres. Her name comes from the Sagres Cape, the site of the world's first marine school, established by Prince Henry the Navigator in the 15th century. Its sails feature the Cross of Malta, which was emblazoned on the sails of Portuguese vessels during the Age of Discovery. She first hoisted the Portuguese flag on February 8, 1962. Since then Sagres II has ensured the training of Naval Academy future officers sailors, supplementing the technical and academic knowledge taught at the Naval Academy. She made ​​more than 150 trips and sailed the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, the North Sea, the Caribbean, Japan, China, the Mediterranean, Arabic, Baltic, Red, and Yellow. For the last 50 years at the service of Portugal and the Portuguese Navy, Sagres has conducted three voyages around the world and visited 385 ports. She sailed about 600 thousand miles and is known as an Itinerant Ambassador to the service of Portugal. This ship is a symbol of Portugal in the world. I'm so thrilled I am going to visit Sagres next Sunday!( N.R.P. stands for Navio da República Portuguesa = Portuguese Navy Ship)

Source: Portuguese Navy Site

Look how beautiful this ship is as she prepares to dock at Shanghai port. I am so excited about the chance to see it, here, in my city, sailing up the river Mondego! I really wish there was good weather! Fog can get pretty thick here sometimes!


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